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At the heart of every successful online campaign is content which is the driving force behind onsite and offsite optimisation.

Creating relevant and engaging content is one of the methods IQ Channels specialise in.


There are numerous ways to make your website stand out. An innovative and captivating design is ideal but a website also needs to be purposeful and user friendly. IQ Channels can help your website achieve that balance.


Getting the most return out of your advertising budget needs careful consideration. IQ Channels use a number of proven methods which can be used to maximise the effectiveness and in turn the returns of your Pay Per Click Campaign.


As search engine's evolve and develop new algorithms, marketers and businesses also need to evolve. Having an adaptable optimisation strategy that is well planned and implemented will ensure your business stays ahead of the game.


The world wide web is, like the physical world, full of networking opportunities. Social Media Optimisation is the key to unlocking all these opportunities and converting interactions, followers, likes and word of mouth to sales.

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Regardless of your business size or location, today's global competition means gaining the top position requires clever strategies and skilled expertise in your marketing campaign.

Here at IQ channels you are provided with everything you need to achieve this success. Apart from providing extensive internet marketing solutions, the professional and experienced teams at IQ channels...

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It is not easy to start a business with so much competition hovering around; and it is indeed a daunting task to retain customers even if you have been in the market for a while. Marketing a business is as important as retaining the customers.

Employing some of the best tools for campaigns like PPC (Pay-Per-Click), SEO, social media promotion, viral marketing, blog marketing and reputation management...

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