10 of the Best B2B Marketing Automation Platforms

The editors of Solutions Review have compiled this list to highlight some of the best B2B marketing automation solutions that businesses can consider implementing into their processes.

Manually managing your company’s marketing efforts can become a daunting task. Working with a marketing automation platform can improve your marketing strategies, conversion rates, and overall business success with many channels to monitor and customers to target. However, not all solutions have the tools required for specific use cases. For example, if your company is in the Business-to-Business (B2B) market, its marketing needs may be different from those of brands that focus on other markets.

With that in mind, the editors of Solutions Review have compiled the following list of top-rated B2B marketing automation solutions for businesses to consider. Our editors selected them based on each vendor’s authority score, a meta-analysis of user sentiment via the web’s most trusted enterprise software review sites, and our proprietary inclusion criteria. in five points. The list is organized in alphabetical order.

The Best B2B Marketing Automation Platforms


Acoustics - logo

The description: Acoustic’s Marketing Cloud platform provides businesses across all industries with tools and insights to create personalized campaigns across digital channels, backed by AI-powered marketing automation technology. With the Acoustic Campaign product, B2B marketers can use lead scoring, segmentation, CRM integrations, customer profile data, web tracking, personalized campaigns, real-time analytics, and other tools to improve engagement and generate revenue.



The description: Acquia is an open-source digital experience platform (DXP) designed to help organizations develop, host, analyze, and communicate with customers through digital websites and applications. The company’s multi-marketing automation capabilities can help B2B (and B2B2C) companies use automated workflows to optimize campaigns, nurture leads through funnels, personalize customer experiences, and increase brand awareness. Mark. Specific features include campaign personalization, customer journey design, lead scoring, contact list management, journey analytics, and more.


The description: ActiveCampaign’s Customer Experience Automation (CXA) Platform provides email marketing, marketing automation, CRM and sales automation solutions to customers across all industries. Their marketing automation tool offers a simple visual overlay, showing users how automations connect and what each campaign does. With ActiveCampaign’s B2B capabilities, businesses can nurture relationships with their customers, grow their business, and improve how they connect with target audiences throughout the purchase journey with personalized messaging via email, text, messaging, chat and social media.


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The description: Act-On Software provides marketing solutions that help marketers engage prospects at every stage of the customer lifecycle. The company’s B2B marketing automation platform can help human resource firms, recruiting teams, advertising agencies, marketing agencies, consulting firms and IT service providers with the tools they need to attract, nurture, qualify and convert leads throughout the customer lifecycle. Some of its capabilities include multi-channel lead generation tools, lead segmentation, automated nurture programs, personalized lead scoring, and more.

Adobe Marketo Engage

Adobe Analytics

The description: Marketo Engage, an Adobe product, offers marketing automation features that can help B2B brands identify, engage, and streamline customer experiences. In addition to its marketing automation tools, the Marketo Engage suite provides email marketing, revenue attribution, and lead management tools to attract customers, create automated marketing campaigns, identify leads value, measure success rates, etc. Businesses can also integrate the platform with Adobe Experience Cloud to access additional features such as AI-based analytics and content optimization.


The description: Creatio’s multi-channel marketing solution is designed to work in tandem with Creatio’s sales and service applications, all of which can be integrated into a single, unified platform. Its capabilities can help B2B brands orchestrate customer journeys, accelerate revenue generation cycles, streamline personalization of cross-channel communications, build segmented audiences, manage marketing campaigns across all channels, increase conversion rates, etc. These features include website behavior tracking, personalized email marketing, event management, lead scoring, built-in machine learning, and more.


The description: HubSpot offers a variety of features focused on marketing, sales, and customer service. With HubSpot Marketing Hub, B2B companies can use a unified SaaS platform to attract audiences, convert visitors into customers, and develop inbound marketing campaigns. Marketing Hub automation capabilities include content management, cross-channel customer engagement, account-based marketing, revenue attribution reporting, sales management, landing pages, email marketing email, prospect engagement, service-centric modules, and more.


The description: Oracle offers a variety of cloud marketing products, including Bronto, Eloqua, and Responsys. Each option brings its advantages and its customization for your marketing needs. For example, Eloqua is the B2B marketing option and Bronto is for B2C. Eloqua’s marketing automation capabilities can help users create closed-loop marketing strategies, manage sales activities, nurture leads throughout buying processes, develop cross- channel, etc. The platform can also integrate with Oracle CX Marketing tools including its advertising, commerce, content management, account intelligence and CDP modules.

Selling power


The description: Salesforce’s B2B marketing automation, formerly known as Pardot, can integrate directly with its CRM system to leverage all available data and use it to align sales and marketing efforts, generate leads, and maintain commitment. Salesforce Marketing Cloud account engagement capabilities include lead scoring, real-time sales alerts, email marketing campaigns, lead segmentation, cross-channel engagement, account-based marketing , lead management, reporting, predictive analytics, and more. It tends to focus on mid-market businesses and B2B businesses, including financial and high-tech markets.


The description: Zoho is a multinational company specializing in software development, cloud computing and web-based business tools. It offers a collection of products and applications in major business categories. The company provides all-in-one marketing automation software that can help businesses manage their marketing activities across all channels, generate leads and convert them into customers. Specific features include lead management, multi-channel marketing, channel attribution, web behavioral marketing, and more. The software can also integrate with other Zoho offerings for extended functionality.

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