11 Best Influencer Marketing Agencies in Indonesia

However, using influencer marketing in the Indonesian market as a foreign business can be tricky. Indonesia is a large archipelago with over 200 million people, but only 56% of Indonesia is urbanized. The population also varies according to cultural origins and local languages. Therefore, different influencers cater to different audiences. It also depends on the geographical location. Each region has its own local influencers.

Partnering with a local influencer marketing agency can help create the perfect influencer marketing strategy.

In this article, we have compiled 11 best influencer marketing agencies in Indonesia to help you grow your brand. Let’s take a look:

1. AJ Marketing

AJ Marketing is the best influencer marketing agency in Indonesia. They have a local team in Indonesia, with additional offices and teams in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan and Korea.

AJ Marketing’s network includes 7,000 influencers and reaches 1.3 billion followers. AJ Marketing focuses on 3 social media platforms: YouTube, TikTok and Instagram. Their creators cover gaming, tech, beauty, fashion, travel, lifestyle, food, and more.

According to the CEO of AJ Marketing Arthur Sabalionis: “Our mission is to help international brands succeed in Indonesia.” This agency is ideal for companies starting out in the Indonesian market.

In addition to influencer marketing, AJ Marketing covers marketing strategy, SEO, social media advertising, PR, digital billboards and celebrity licensing.

They have worked with brands such as BMW (MINI), Bytedance (TikTok), AMD, Alibaba Group and many more.

2. Narrators

Narrators is an influencer marketing platform in Indonesia, headquartered in Singapore. Their database has 500,000 influencers across Southeast Asia.

The Storytellers were awarded as the Best Influencer Marketing Agency of the Year 2020 by Marketing Magazine (Silver). It is also recognized as the best influencer marketing software by Digital.com.

Brands such as Unilever, Samsung and L’Oréal have trusted them. They created an influencer campaign for Simple (Unilever) with 42 micro-influencers from Singapore. The campaign reached 320,000 Instagram accounts and 40,000 total engagements.

3. Partiposte

Partipost is an influencer marketing platform in Indonesia with a database of 550,000 influencers. Partipost is headquartered in Singapore and was established in 2016. Apart from influencer marketing, they also specialize in social media marketing, creative production and branding.

Partipost has worked with many brands such as Flip, Grab and Sociolla. Partipost created a campaign with Sociolla to promote the Sociolla Big Sale, flash sale and horoscope content through Instagram stories.

4. Media

Mediatics is a digital marketing agency specializing in influencer marketing. Their services include paid promotion, content creation, live event reporting, and O2O activation.

Besides influencer marketing, Mediatics also provides media placement services. Such as Google Display Network, SEM and social media advertising.

Founded in 2017, Mediatics has worked with brands such as DBS, Traveloka and Colette & Lola.

5. Creative Media United

Creative Media United (CMU) is an Indonesian influencer marketing agency that provides services such as outreach, campaign management and reporting. CMU also provides content creation services. Their list of influencers ranges from mega influencers to nano influencers in various industries.

CMU has worked with many brands in Indonesia such as Kopi Kenangan, Google and Shopee Indonesia. In 2019, CMU created an influencer marketing campaign for Arnott’s TimTam. The campaign featured video and photo content from local influencers such as Arief Muhammad, Anya Geraldine and Dara Arafah.

6. social buzz

SociaBuzz is an Indonesian influencer marketing agency based in South Jakarta. They provide influencers from different categories and social media platforms – Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. Their list of influencers ranges from mega influencers to nano influencers. SocialBuzz also offers monthly plans for influencer management and content aggregation.

SociaBuzz has been trusted by many brands in Indonesia such as Tokopedia, Telkomsel, Happy Fresh and many more.

seven. Lemon

Lemon is an influencer marketing platform designed for business owners. Lemon has helped many businesses find the right influencer and create the best campaign to grow their business.

They provide fixed service fee starting from IDR 10 million to work with up to 100 influencers. The platform also allows brands to easily monitor and create a campaign report.

Besides content influencer campaigns, Lemon also provides editing services. Influencers leave product reviews to create real testimonials and drive conversions. Founded in 2019, Lemon has worked with many popular brands such as Kalbe, Unilever and Halodoc.

8. Incify

Incify is a digital marketing agency that provides influencer marketing services. Incify has 2 headquarters in Singapore and Indonesia. They also support global clients and companies.

Besides influencer marketing, Incify also provides SEO, CRO, website development, paid advertising, and training services with HubSpot and ActiveCampaign.

They have worked with brands such as Brandripe and Lecturi. Incify helped generate double Lecturi’s annual target in 2020.

9. IconReel

IconReel is an Indonesian influencer marketing agency founded in 2016. They have an influencer marketing network with over 24,000 influencers internationally. Besides influencer management, IconReel also provides media buying and studio production services.

They have worked with brands such as Traveloka, Lazada and P&G. IconReel managed 40 Indonesian influencers for Traveoka’s #CaraEnakMakanEnak campaign. The campaign gained over 2 million people and a total engagement rate of 14.68%.

ten. Dignity Indonesia

Dignety is an Indonesian creative agency that also provides influencer marketing services. Their influencer marketing services include campaign planning, influencer selection, and final reporting.

Besides influencer marketing, Dignety also provides content production, social media management, web development, and digital marketing.

Dignety has worked with many brands such as Pertamina and Ninja Express.

11. Optimizes

Optify is a digital marketing agency in Indonesia established in 2014. Their vision is to help brands grow to 10 times their current size. They provide influencer marketing services alongside social media advertising, SEO, digital advertising, and web and app development.

In 2019, Optify created an influencer marketing campaign with Halodoc. The campaign featured a blog review, social media recommendations and a video review. They also created a blogging contest. The campaign acquired 3 times more users than the Halodoc average.


Influencer marketing is a great marketing strategy to grow your business in the Indonesian market. With influencer marketing, you can create a campaign that results in higher ROI and a larger audience.

However, it can be difficult for foreign companies to create a localized influencer marketing campaign. Mainly because of the differences in language and culture. Therefore, it is necessary to work with an experienced local partner to ensure that the marketing campaign is successful.

We hope this list helps you find the agency that fits your needs. Also be sure to check other recommendations such as Best Web Agencies in Indonesia by Clutch.

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