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[Author:  Noreen Fishman]

If getting new business and contributing to the bottom line of your business is part of your job, you already know that digital marketing is essential for growth. Online marketing in all its forms is essential to attract the 4 billion Internet users in the world. Effective digital marketing will help you reach a wider audience, engage leads, and turn leads into leads. Here’s our final list of online marketing tactics for law firms to try.

Online Marketing Tips for Law Firms

1. Take the time to get to know potential customers

Understanding the people who are searching for your business online is key. A lot of people know this but don’t really hold themselves accountable. Set aside time each month to complete to research and discuss with the business development team. Your best content ideas will likely come directly from real customers and prospects.

2. Match content to every stage of the customer journey

Your law firm’s online marketing efforts will have more impact if you tailor the content offered to specific times in the customer journey. For example, it doesn’t really make sense to target someone at the very early awareness stage with an offer of consultation. Likewise, if someone is willing to meet with your lawyers, simply sending educational blog posts may not be appropriate.

3. Don’t write exclusively about your services

People don’t want to read promotional content selling your business. It can be alienating for those not yet ready to commit to your business. Take the time to find out what really interests people and the challenges they are trying to overcome. Develop contents that aligns those interests with what your business offers.

4. Focus on customer satisfaction

Getting new customers is not enough. A large portion of a law firm’s income is made up of recurring business activities. Rather than focusing on short-term customer acquisition, look for new ways to delight customers throughout their relationship with your business. Marketing should focus on demand generation as well as other customer-centric campaigns like customer alerts.

If you want help creating customer alerts that are a valuable resource for your customers, check out this free webinar: Webinar on Best Practices for Customer Alerts.

5. Make SEO part of your content strategy

A law firm should have thought leadership to build credibility and share expertise. In addition to blogging for these purposes, you should incorporate SEO elements wherever possible. Incorporate SEO into your topic selection and content writing process.

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6. Analyze ad performance against the big picture

Look at performance, but keep context in mind. What is a person’s overall journey to get to the point where they see your ad? For example, to see Google AdWords, someone had to search for the keyword you chose. Then it should resonate and make them click, and then they should feel compelled by the landing page. If your ad isn’t performing well, you need to see if there’s a disconnect between what someone is looking for, the message you’re showing them, and the landing page.

7. Stay flexible

People’s preferences are constantly changing. It’s important that you are nimble and able to make changes to your online law firm’s marketing strategy as needed in order to connect with potential clients. For example, if your clients are very active on LinkedIn right now, make sure you invest in the platform properly. However, if a new platform emerges, you may need to create new campaigns in a new format.

8. Keep Design Elements Consistent

While you throw multi-channel campaigns, make sure the design is consistent across each medium. Connect creative elements and messages so that there is a common thread connecting everything throughout your campaign.

9. Find ways to be a growth leader

Traditionally, marketing has been tasked with attracting leads and then passing them on. But what happens once the leads reach the business development team? And then what happens when they go from a lead to an engagement? If you review the entire customer lifecycle, chances are you’ll find places where digital marketing can add value.

10. Pay more attention to backlinksonline law firm marketing

Back links are a major ranking factor for Google. They are important for building your authority and reputation online. As you create new content on relevant topics, share the content any way you can. Network with people in your industry and systematically track who links to your content. This is something that SEO experts often know, but neglect to spend time on. Re-engage in a backlink strategy to improve your current content efforts.

11. Personalize content

Personalization will help differentiate your content and create a more unique experience for customers. From email to an online portal experience, look for ways to personalize experiences for customers and prospects. There are a variety of tools available to help you customize everything from dynamic web pages to social media advertising.

12. Experience

As you run various campaigns, chances are you’ll see things that could work better. Don’t be afraid to experiment, to try other ways and to try new things. This is true for everything from internal processes to specific digital campaigns. For example, if your email programs aren’t getting the engagement you were hoping for, experiment with creative subject lines that might increase your open rates.


There is no shortage of online law firm marketing strategies and tactics. These tips are a great place to start if you need to freshen up your online marketing program.

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