3 tips for innovating in your B2B marketing

Doing the same things consistently in your B2B marketing can produce stable results, but what about trying new things? New channels? New strategies?

Trying new things in one B2B marketing strategy comes with some risk, but it’s often worth it.

In this article, we take a look at three ways to innovate in your B2B marketing, while preserving the results you’re already getting.

Do research

Where do you start when looking to innovate in marketing?

The best place to start is a little research. You probably follow industry publications or thought leaders, whether in marketing or in your industry, so dig around and see what people are talking about.

Another possibility is to look at your competitors, suppliers and / or customers to see what they are doing. We are not suggesting copying your competition, but it does force you to think and consider strategies and methods that you may not have tried before.

Attend a conference or virtual event

For B2B marketing strategies and ideas, a great place to turn to is an industry conference or virtual event. Even a webinar specific to your industry or B2B marketing will offer some interesting insights and / or other leads that you might not have considered.

When looking for conferences or potential events, take a close look at who is hosting the event and who is speaking or present at the event. Review the topics to get an idea of ​​their relevance to your industry. For example, while Bop Design is a B2B marketing and website design agency, an event focused primarily on e-commerce marketing will not be suitable as we are not in the e-commerce business. The same is true if an event is primarily product driven if you only offer services and vice versa. Finally, be sure to see what past attendees are saying. Is this primarily a networking opportunity, a sales avenue, or a real learning experience?

Most conferences now have a virtual pass or even a recorded presentation only pass, making them affordable regardless of how much professional development budget you have.

Talk to an experienced B2B agency

Now, this is not a shameless take for our B2B agency. In fact, we often encourage potential clients to speak with other agencies to make sure it’s the right solution. Even within marketing, there are many agencies that specialize in different types of B2B marketing – whether it’s digital advertising, paid advertising, email marketing, inbound marketing, and more. Talking to a handful of agencies offers perspectives and ideas that may be new to you.

B2B Marketing Agencies are a great resource / partner as they work with a variety of clients and are up to date with the latest marketing approaches, ideas and trends. They also have a good idea of ​​what is working and what is not.

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