301 Digital Media expands its partnership with real estate software company UNLOCKDBOX

301 Digital media + UNLOCKDBOX

UNLOCKDBOX mobile app

UNLOCKDBOX mobile app

Rachel White, Founder of UNLOCKDBOX

Rachel White, Founder of UNLOCKDBOX

The UNLOCKBOX app connects realtors for networking and lucrative referrals so agents can be in two places at once

UNLOCKBOX was designed as a productivity tool that supports new and experienced real estate agents by providing opportunities for ‘top up’ income or a second workforce when needed. “

– Rachel White, founder of UNLOCKDBOX

MARYVILLE, Tennessee, United States, December 8, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – Los Angeles – 301 Digital Media today announces the expansion of its digital marketing and media agency relationship with real estate software company UNLOCKDBOX based in Los Angeles, California. .

Led by real estate agent Rachel White, UNLOCKDBOX is a free mobile app that allows licensed real estate agents to connect and network, while allowing agents to instantly send requests to unlock properties or a open day for their announcements. “UNLOCKDBOX was born out of a need to help manage both busy and slower schedules, and in doing so, helps level the playing field in the real estate industry for more sustainable, long-term success for agents of all backgrounds and abilities, ”says Blanc. “The app was designed as a productivity tool that supports new and experienced realtors by providing ‘top-up’ income opportunities or a second workforce when needed. “

Angela Bisig, Senior Director of Marketing and Corporate Analytics, supports the partnership for 301 Digital Media. Prior to joining 301 Digital Media, she held various marketing and social media positions for the residential and commercial real estate sectors. “Coming from the real estate industry, I am delighted to bring my passion for business to such an innovative and unique B2B offering,” said Bisig.

Reflecting the unique nature of the real estate industry, the UNLOCKDBOX app supports independent real estate agents as well as those working for larger brokers with hundreds of licensed real estate professionals. UNLOCKDBOX even has the ability to provide brokerage firms with a private code which can help keep all of their networks / referrals within the branch.

The free download of the UNLOCKDBOX app is available for iPhone and Android devices on the App Store and Google Play Store, respectively, and is aimed at realtors in the Los Angeles area, with plans to expand to nationwide in 2022.

For more information on UNLOCKDBOX, visit unlockdbox.com or search for UNLOCKDBOX in the App Store.

For more information on 301 Digital Media, visit 301digitalmedia.com.

UNLOCKDBOX is a mobile application reserved for licensed real estate agents. Agents can instantly send a request to unlock a property or host an open house for their listing. Agents can unlock homes for their coworkers and get paid. Complete with assessment, networking and income, UNLOCKDBOX was designed to create opportunities for all agents. UNLOCKDBOX is free to download. No subscription, no obligation; use it when you need it. To learn more or get started, visit unlockdbox.com/download or connect with UNLOCKDBOX on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/rachel-white-69aa101b9/).

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