6 keys your business needs to win with your marketing agency

Do you want to advance your digital strategy and set your business on the path to success?

Whether you’re a business owner working with an agency or a digital marketer who needs more bandwidth, one of the biggest challenges you face is standing out in this oversaturated landscape.

The most impactful campaign strategies aim to drive value creation forward and help you achieve your goals.

Building trust with your agency and establishing a strong marketing foundation is a surefire way to take your business to the next level.

On October 12, I hosted a webinar with CallRail special guests Eric and Erin Wilder, co-founders of 81 & Sunny Digital Media.

The Wilders explained how to build a clear, transparent and trusted partnership with your agency that drives results.

Here is a summary of the webinar. To access the full presentation, fill out the form.

Key #1: Transparency

There must be trust from the start. Transparency is essential from the start, especially if the advertiser has been burned in the past.

Never leave an advertiser feeling left in the dark; instead, prove how every dollar is invested. It is important to show what is being done.

Also, make sure all ad accounts are owned by the advertiser; they should leave with their data at the end of the partnership.

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Key #2: Respect the media as an investment

Treat digital media investments the same as traditional financial investments.

Be aware that they are inherently risky, require a certain level of capital to participate, and should be managed responsibly.

Be sure to keep realistic expectations for the level of investment and return on investment.

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Key #3: Make sure the math makes sense

To ensure programs are set up for success from the start, the math should always make sense.

For example, before launching a campaign, an agency needs to understand the advertiser’s profit margins and what kind of cost per lead (CPL) or cost per action (CPA) needs to be achieved to break even or “succeed”. “.

You’ll need to understand the competitive landscape, your goals, and whether a program makes sense, even from the start.

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Key #4: Set realistic expectations

Set realistic expectations regarding the level of investment and return on investment. Don’t promise too much immediate success because it takes time and data to get there.

Success can be measured in returns or “breaking even” while achieving customer growth.

A calculator can display investment and return on investment expectations along with all outside variables.

81 & Sunny for CallRail, October 2022

Once you know your formula for success, you can increase your reach even further.

When you know the data, you know where to optimize. And it is closely related to the following key.

Key #5: Track Everything

Data always tells the real story. User behavior is constantly changing, and the consumer may surprise you!

Here’s how you can track every dollar invested:

  • Use native Google and Facebook tracking tools at startup.
  • Add call tracking to enrich your data set if you run a program with two channels (eg Google & Bing or Google & Facebook).
  • Using rich conversion data, optimize your overall marketing campaign smarter and faster, including shifting budget from channel to channel based on cost per sale.

With data insight, you can understand not only cost per lead, but also cost per sale per channel.

Ultimately, you want to take the guesswork out of investing in specific channels based on actual results.

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Key #6: Adopt the “If you win, we win” approach

As an agency, do what’s best for the advertiser’s business, because increasing their revenue also means increasing yours.

Also, make sure your direct contact looks good. Whoever brought you on board, get him promoted so you stay longer.

When you’re both successful, you’re investing in a long-term partnership that benefits both of your businesses.

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[Slides] 6 keys your business needs to win with your marketing agency

Here is the presentation.

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