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COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: Businesses with a strong online presence and SEO strategy position themselves for higher Google rankings and better online visibility. Photo: supplied.

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It’s no secret that the world of e-commerce is driven by what Google considers valuable and important. And that doesn’t just extend to e-commerce, but to all businesses, both web-based and physical. Google even leverages businesses that aren’t online yet.

Solidifying your business with an online presence is preached to every industry, but what advantage does it really offer over competitors without a solid search engine optimization strategy?

Considering there are 3.5 billion searches on Google every day and the top 5 organic search results receive 68% of those clicks, it seems like an online strategy might be a good place to start. Fortunately, there are experts for this, and they come in the form of a digital marketing agency.

Why hire a digital marketing agency?

It’s another expense involved in running a business, but it’s worth every dollar if you choose a digital marketing agency with enough expertise and a proven track record.

Some business owners attempt to support their own digital marketing and SEO efforts, but without expert knowledge it’s often a waste of time with little or no return on investment.

Google is constantly changing its algorithm and best practices, so it’s a smart move to outsource SEO marketing to the experts, who live and breathe digital marketing and are through all the constant trends and changes.

In Australia, 18.6 million people shop online, according to First page. 93% of users start their search with a search engine, and this is where the importance of SEO comes in.

If that 93% of users are looking for a local plumber, chances are they’re calling one of the top five in the organic search results. First-page visibility gives a heightened sense of credibility to the brand or business, and anything further down the list may even be subject to consumer mistrust.

A reputable digital marketing agency knows how to capitalize on these statistics and has invested in innovative software to help them increase revenue for their clients.

First Page created a proprietary technology called SENTR, which streamlines all the time-consuming administrative tasks in digital marketing. It also contains and processes all data from previous and current campaigns, allowing First Page to make predictions about upcoming changes to Google’s algorithm. This is among the other smart technologies used, all of which are expensive investments for individual small businesses.

These technologies, combined with market research and a team of experts, allow digital marketing agencies to deliver exceptional value to their clients.

Reputable digital marketing agencies are results-driven and strive to achieve specific, measurable KPIs set at the start of a campaign, providing transparency for clients to assess whether an outside agency is the best option for them. .

What can a digital marketing agency do for businesses?

Digital marketing agencies get results through keyword research, content strategies, link building, website audits, and programmatic advertising.

SEO and digital marketing can provide many benefits to a business, all with the ability to increase revenue.

Businesses that land on the first page of a search engine enjoy a much higher volume of website traffic, which drives up sales. But the business gains go far beyond immediate profitability.

Higher search engine rankings translate to increased brand credibility, awareness, and authority. SEO and digital marketing are also the main pillars that help scale businesses, increasing their profitability exponentially.

Brand awareness is a direct result of a successful SEO strategy and arguably the most valuable outcome. Brand awareness can place a company at the forefront of consumers’ minds when they think of a specific industry, making them almost synonymous with that product or service.

The way consumers use the words Band-Aids, Kleenex and Sharpies interchangeably with the actual products for which they are named is entirely due to brand awareness. It cements a company as an authority for its industry, gaining it more market share and an advantageous position.

The most remarkable thing about SEO and digital marketing is that it has a place in businesses large and small, regardless of industry. Business success comes down to competitive advantage and the best way to compete in our digital world is to increase visibility.

First page is a digital marketing agency with Google Premier Partner status, and can audit your company’s online presence and then provide a free proposal.

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