A new-age marketing agency to make your brand stand out in the digital world

Starting with just one service vertical and four people in 2008, over the years the company has grown exponentially. Today, Honeycomb boasts of five well-functioning service verticals, driving a team of 110 members and delivering best-in-class marketing solutions to large enterprises around the world. Using new age communication methods, the Honeycomb team helps clients achieve their marketing goals with services such as digital marketing, video production, graphic design and website development. The company has also developed a print division called Photostop where it caters to high profile photographers, interior designers and architects with high quality archival/fine art/giclée printing.

The Honeycomb team believes in creating unique identities and communications for their brand partners, which is why they follow the rule of doing thorough research and competitor analysis, enabling their teams to come up with strategies marketing that would really help companies to be invincible in the market. Committed to producing targeted campaigns for its clients, Honeycomb has managed to make a name for itself in the field with a highly reputable clientele in the domestic and international markets in the B2B and B2C sectors.

Shedding light on the process of creating differentiated communication of digital first brands, Noufel AN mentions: “We are a customer-centric, creative and forward-looking agency that focuses on giving voice to various businesses to communicate their brand message through our wide variety of digital marketing solutions.These traits are enough to differentiate us from other competing agencies in India.We bring brand stories to life by creating stunning content through audiovisual , in the form of captivating videos, graphic designs and digital strategies”.

Prepared for growth
By demonstrating the utmost passion and ethics in all projects undertaken by Honeycomb as an agency, the company has succeeded in acquiring good referrals, retaining clients and providing high quality service to the over the years. Over the span of 14 years, the agency has been able to build a repertoire of reputable clientele that includes brands such as Titan, Infosys, Bosch, Edwards Life sciences, Levi’s, Randstad, ITC, Decathlon, Allergan Aesthetics , Paperboat, Ogilvy, Urban Ladder, Louis Philippe, Little Elly and more.

Speaking of the agency’s future plans and how a corporate culture of creative expression has worked in favor of Honeycomb, founder Noufel concludes, “Unlike other organizations, we support artistic independence, which helps break down barriers and think outside the box.. We are a team of experts with decades of combined expertise in their individual skills, always working to develop goal-oriented communication that connects with the audience. This has indirectly helped us grow as an agency as well.As one of the leading marketing and communication agencies in India, we now plan to skyrocket our business growth with a turnover of business of Rs.100 Cr by 2025”.

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