Aapta, a 12-year-old digital marketing agency, offers excellent solutions for branding, marketing and developments

Aapta’s list of digital services includes website design and development, app development, mobile apps, web hosting, servers, domains, online marketing, etc., helping businesses to develop their online presence.

California – February 08, 2022 – Aapta is 12 years old WordPress Agency offering website related services including development, hosting, WordPress solutions, mobile apps and social media marketing. It is a leading digital marketing company that provides high quality WordPress services and extensive support services for all WP powered websites. Be it secure hosting, SEO or even theme design and development.

Aapta is a one-stop solution for WP that helps its customers with their digital projects through several services including WordPress developmentbranding, digital marketing, WordPress design servicesand Woocommerce development. Their team of experts accompanies their clients in their consultations, then together they decide on the most suitable plan to obtain the best results.

“We are Aapta Solutions, the only WP agency you will ever need. We are a team of dedicated freelancers and staff with expertise in WordPress to help you with any WP work, from hosting to development and marketing,” said Dharmendra Asimi, CEO of Aapta, “We help websites and businesses with our best services as we have the best expert WordPress support team, and we know that your website is very important to you and your business, so we make sure to provide comprehensive reports of every action performed on your website.

Aapta offers a variety of marketing campaigns that work well for businesses. According to Aapta, every marketing campaign is unique, delivered with customer-centric and business-centric strategic plans that will ensure maximum exposure for their brand or online services. They also have a wide base of WP hosting services, as Aapta’s WP hosting service offers optimized WordPress hosting with dedicated RAM, CPU, speed, CDN, and more. They also help with AWP, which is comprehensive WordPress maintenance with security, backups, CDN and optimized WP hosting. This service comes in different plans and packages to meet the different needs of their customers.

Another handy service for business websites is Aapta’s WP Manager, where a dedicated WordPress expert manages a client’s website or blog and updates new posts and pages. And with WP Backups, Aapta allows its users to access scheduled backups for WordPress without the hassle of manual work, synced and saved to local drive and folders. There are tons of other powerful services and tools that Aapta provides its clients to achieve their SEO goals or boost their online presence. It is worth mentioning that all Aapta services come with detailed reporting and analytics with 24/7 support. Reports show Analytics, SEO Stats, Backlink Reports, Uptime Monitoring, Speed ​​Optimization Reports, Security Reports, Vulnerability Reports, Malware Scan Reports, and even more.

“Every service we offer comes with a detailed report for you to better analyze and plan your business. Try our services once and we are sure that you will be impressed with our tools and our team of experts,” added Dharmendra Asimi.

About Aapta

Aapta is a web design and development company in India with operations in Bengaluru and Hyderabad. A 12-year-old company offering website-related services including development, hosting, WordPress solutions, mobile apps and social media marketing.

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Company Name: Aapta Solutions
Contact: Dharmendra Asimi
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Call: +91 9900227835
City: Hyderabad
Country: India
Website: https://www.aapta.in/wordpress/

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