Alex Jones News: Alex Jones digital media assets placed in bankruptcy following Sandy Hook case

Alex Jones falsely claimed the Sandy Hook school shooting was a hoax. These false claims drove the media assets of Jones and Infowars out of business. Jones has outsourced all controls of its digital media company and website to outside administrators. To settle the legal allegations against Jones, the administrators placed all of his business operations under Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Chapter 11 rules generally put an end to all pending civil cases, giving litigants a chance to resolve claims. Last year, in courts in Texas and Connecticut, Alex Jones was held liable to the families of Sandy Hook victims in lawsuits alleging defamation and willful pain from emotional adversity. The courts have pronounced no formal indemnity against him or his companies.

Mr Jones, as well as his lawyers, have previously denied encouraging others to harass the victim’s families. Later that month, in court in Texas, a jury was selected to summarize the damages.

The companies’ proposed head of restructuring, Mr Schwartz, said inserting a ‘neutral management’ plan into the companies would maintain their value and invite a likely resolution that would not come out of the bankruptcy policy .

According to case documents, Alex Jones spent $10 million in legal fees to get out of the Sandy Hook case. He also funded $725,000 for the prosecution’s authorization. Two retired bankruptcy judges have proposed taking full governance authority over digital media assets from Jones and Infowars.

The affair between the families of the victims and Jones was extremely bitter. Courts in Texas and Connecticut have requested various documents from Jones. As Mr Jones failed to obey court orders, he was found liable by default in September and November.

Mr Jones’ accounts on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have been banned because he started creating stories that the Sandy Hook shooting never happened.

Since the incident took place, the families of the children killed in the incident have been subjected to threats, false claims that the incident never happened, or lying about having children.

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