Another spectacular display as Digital Media Technologies acquires SysDev

Digital Media Technologies today announced its second corporate acquisition in as many years. In 2021 they bought the graphic design studio “Enueve”. This has enabled Digital Media Technologies to add advanced 3D graphics and real-time streaming capabilities to its premium service portfolio as part of its turnkey spectacular display solutions. Their solutions are provided in a range of industries, including outdoor advertising, retail, sports stadiums and public places.

The James Game CEO said he was “proud and delighted to be able to expand our range of products and services even further with the purchase of SysDev LTD. We are delighted to have Arthur Jackson join the Digital Media team. Arthur is a true industry professional with a lifetime of experience in all aspects of LED display products including design, specification, installation, operation and maintenance.SysDev has also developed its scoring systems for various sports including football, rugby and cricket.SysDev’s solutions are used and trusted by some of the UK’s most prestigious clubs, teams and organizations and we are proud to include them in our customer portfolio.

SysDev Ltd is wholly owned and operated by Arthur Jackson. The company, which has been operating since 2010, provides software solutions, broadcast technology, systems design and development services and consultancy to a range of professional clients, with an impressive portfolio of cricketing clubs and associations. SysDev has also provided advice on the purchase of LED screens for many stadiums, in addition to providing on-site technical support on match days and year-round maintenance of its installed systems. Arthur says “SysDev’s customer base has grown significantly over the past two years, so joining Digital Media Technologies will allow us to provide an even better level of support, in addition to the prospect of a very exciting upgrade path. shortly”.

SysDev owns the rights and intellectual property to their TechScore and TechEvent platforms, which were developed as some of the first UK football scoring solutions and have been widely used on several European football grounds. It was later extended to rugby scoring for use at Twickenham Stadium where it was used to drive displays and scoreboards. Arthur was also responsible for the installation of the first LED replay screen at Trent Bridge cricket ground and the development of TechScore and TechEvent in cricket scoring and presentation systems.

Digital Media Technologies is growing steadily and making a name for itself in many indoor and outdoor LED verticals. Partnering with high-end display manufacturers including Samsung, they have delivered high-profile projects for Brighton & Hove Football Club in the Premier League, Principality Stadium in Wales and Ascot Racecourse , among others, and pride themselves on being the only true end-to-end provider. for spectacular display solutions in the UK.

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