Barry Gabster leads the direct mail marketing revolution

Barry Gabster is leading the marketing mailer revolution with his legacy-inspired marketing technique that stands out from the background noise of the digital marketing industry. As a result, his business achieved 10x growth in 2021.

Gabster’s company, InitiateU, is experiencing explosive growth while his business has never commercialized. The business grew from $800,000 to $8.5M just through word of mouth. Now it opens its doors to all clients in the mortgage industry.

He believes that trade marketing crusades must elicit authentic sentiment to spark a movement, and that’s why he aspires to make each campaign distinctive while delivering positive results.

Who is Barry Gabster?

Gabster is originally from California and currently resides in Carlsbad, located just north of San Diego. Outside of marketing and entrepreneurship, Gabster is a renowned networker and philanthropist.

Enlightened since his days as a sales mentor, he enjoys supporting his colleagues in any way possible by accessing his extensive network of business associates and friends. He also assumes a role of mentor for young graduates who wish to learn the trade.

Gabster maintains a strong commitment to the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program. His philanthropy also extends to the four-legged friends of Orange County Pit Bull Rescue, an all-volunteer nonprofit alliance committed to empowering pit bulls through recovery, adoption, public education and advocacy.

When he’s not working for clients or puppies, he travels the world with his wife, Lindsay.

In addition to being the initiator and CEO of InitiateU, he holds an involved position as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Tek Scrubs. This innovative medical technology start-up has designed the most developed medical scrub in the world, which is also environmentally friendly.

He began his professional vocation in the mortgage sector in 2003. Then, in 2008, the economic crisis forced him to retire from the business. By then, Gabster had held a variety of positions, including credit supervisor and sales trainer for Lending Tree.

These adventures guide his next conquest as sales manager of an economic aid company. He built a high-level transactions team, which he managed until the mortgage industry came back to life.

This time, Gabster worked hard to be essential during any subsequent downturn in the economy and naturally turned to marketing. He felt it would be invariably invaluable if he could produce a consistent phone buzz for his clients. So, Gabster began to build his marketing business. His actions led him into a direct mail marketing company, where he accepted the position of vice president of business development for the next seven years.

Finally, in 2018, after discovering and testing the most solid techniques and understanding the nuances of trading, Gabster created InitiateU.

What is he doing

42% of people read or scan all their mail, not just mail in white envelopes with their name on it. Additionally, 59% of respondents enjoy receiving marketing emails, a much higher percentage than many of us would expect.

Gabster is passionate about the art of storytelling. It uses targeted messaging to build perimeters that transform the business for its customers. He has provided mixed immediate response and digital marketing solutions for the past 15 years. Known for its cutting-edge innovation, imaginative implementation and competent superiority, Gabster brings the same spirit to every business and imbues its total commitment to understanding your requirements to their fullest extent.

“Direct mail gets more views of our ads and promotions,” Gabster said. “For years, there was a story that the demise of direct correspondence as a promotions pipeline was imminent. But 2019 saw the highest average reaction speed since 2003. It’s not slowing down.

In addition to direct mail, InitiateU creates a curated campaign for each client that includes strategic consulting, social media marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization, paid and social search, content strategy and analysis and optimization options. It also offers website design, landing page design, and graphic design with sales, SEO, and technology innovation.

A fairly comprehensive set of offers, InitiateU promises to enter 2022 with the same zeal and excellence it has shown since its creation in 2019.

Because the pandemic has drastically changed people’s lives, combining direct mail with modern comprehensive advertising plans fits the mold and hits the target. Direct mail plays a vital role in InitiateU’s method of consistent ads. Interested parties can visit his website to learn more about his “Roadmap to Success.”

About Barry Gabster

Barry Gabster, founder and CEO of InitiateU, is revolutionizing the advertising game. InitiateU has worked with up to 82 clients per month, sending over 2 million senders in one month, skyrocketing their sales from $800,000 to $8.5 million in gross sales in just one year. To learn more about working with Barry, please visit

Posted on March 6, 2022

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