Centerbase acquires legal website content management system and marketing platform Legalfit

Centerbase, the leading provider of cloud-based legal technology for midsize law firms, has acquired Legalfit, the first web marketing platform and content management system (CMS) purpose-built for law firms.

“When we saw Legalfit’s dedicated legal CMS and admissions capabilities, we knew we had to integrate them into the Centerbase product family. This is a huge step forward in our mission to drive the growth of law firms. With Legalfit, we are able to provide our clients with a robust and scalable website CMS on top of the practice management and billing suite we already offer, providing true end-to-end cycle visibility. customer life,” said John Forbes, founder and CEO of Centerbase.

“It adds immense value to our clients to unite these products and give law firms the first client relationship management (CRM) tool that tracks the complete client lifecycle, allowing them to not only improve operational efficiency, but also generate more business. »

Founded in 2015 by Robert Zhou, Legalfit believes that with enough data, analytics, and automation, law firms are able to take the guesswork out of marketing decisions. Legalfit develops highly intuitive websites and marketing solutions to optimize law firms’ brand and business objectives through unparalleled SEO performance and industry-leading Google scores. With the company’s strengthened platform, Legalfit is excited to expand its services to mid-sized law firms with Centerbase.

“Combining best-in-class websites with practice management software opens up a unique opportunity to deepen product integration and accelerate innovation to help law firms grow faster,” said Robert Zhou, founder and owner of Legalfit.

This acquisition comes at a time of accelerated growth for Centerbase. Next to a growth capital investment from Mainsail Partners in 2021 and on continued momentum since the start of the year, Centerbase has invested heavily in its core product while exploring practice area specific features and integrations.

The announcement also follows Centerbase’s announcement acquisition of family law software. Since family law firms tend to have the most paper-heavy admissions process, Legalfit’s software will allow family law clients to complete admissions forms and provide access to the client portal directly on their firm’s websites.

“No one else in the market can deliver a customer experience like this. It will be exciting to watch our customers run their businesses in ways they never dreamed of before. And the growth they will experience in return will be exponential,” Forbes said.

About Centerbase

Centerbase is a cloud-based legal operations platform that enables midsize law firms to run their practice with confidence. It is a highly scalable and configurable system that frees legal teams from manual work by automating routine tasks and connecting them into a single collaborative workspace. Boasting a comprehensive feature set of billing, accounting, and practice management tools, along with the ability to offer comprehensive data migrations, Centerbase has become the go-to solution for large law firms. mean. For more visit

About LegalFit

Legalfit is the premier web marketing platform that builds high-performance websites with cutting-edge designs to generate practice-specific leads. Easy-to-use content management and design tools allow law firms to take control of their brand story. The Legalfit Dashboard provides valuable data in an actionable way, so law firms can understand where their marketing is currently and what their next strategic step is in the digital marketing space to align with their business goals. . Learn more at

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