Chicago SEO Company has been the leader in SEO keywords for 12 years

Chicago Website Design SEO Company (CWDSC), a digital marketing agency, is proud to reveal that the company’s name tops the list of keywords for those looking for a search engine optimization company in Chicago for 12 years. This means that the company, which helps design websites for small businesses, has attracted the most companies interested in its services. This is basically the kind of service they can provide to their customers. They will develop a lead generating website for the client and their systematic approach will start with keyword research that will get the business in front of its target audience. And they ensure that they will always use white hat techniques and adhere to Google’s best practices to avoid Google penalties.

They can do whatever is necessary for the business to have a website that generates leads through the technique of high Google search rankings. Having built nearly 1,000 small business websites, CWDSC has the right knowledge and experience to create a website that not only looks great, but will also convert visitors into paying customers. They will take care of various key elements of the site, particularly in terms of SEO, such as: the creation of the logo; electronic mail services; SEO on the page; a mobile-friendly and responsive website; call tracking; and high converting content.

They have experience in designing various professional websites, such as: lawyers websites, photographers websites, accountants websites, dentists websites, professional services websites, dental clinic websites pain, doctor’s office websites and chiropractor websites. They have also designed contractor and construction websites, such as plumber websites, contractor websites, roofer websites, HVAC websites, and home improvement websites.

There are a number of things that differentiate the web design and SEO services provided by CWDSC from other providers. It is important to note that unlike other web designers who simply base the design of the website on what the client thinks is cool and trendy. In contrast, when CWDSC designs the website, it would be based on metrics and keyword research and their designers and writers work together to come up with a competitive analysis. The problem with websites that have been designed without considering metrics and keywords tends to have high click through rates (CTR). A high CTR is an indication to Google that the website is not the best result for its users and Google will reduce their ranking. Additionally, CWDSC will focus on achieving a responsive website design that allows those using mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, to properly view the website on their smaller screens. Having a responsive website is essential as more and more people depend on their mobile devices to do their research.

CWDSC builds websites that are lead generation systems for clients. These websites are built from the bottom up, including but not limited to: website design; content writing; lead funnel; search engine optimization; writing email sequences; pay-per-click (PPC) configuration and management; and reputation building.

Their process of developing the lead generation system for the client consists of several steps. The first step is to research the appropriate and profitable keywords. Second, they will build or update the website to reflect the keywords chosen for expectation management. They will also repair or build an online reputation. Then they will optimize the website. And they will perform off-page SEO for the keywords they have deemed best for their products or services.

Started in 2008 by Jack Lombardi, CWDSC has become one of the leading search engine optimization companies in Chicago and other key cities nationwide. While its headquarters are located in the city of Chicago, it has offices in seven other major cities and offers its services to 76 cities. The company has a group of four full-time professionals, each specializing in their type of work and their combined work experience is over 25 years.

Businesses in need of SEO services can visit the Chicago Website Design SEO Company website or contact them by phone or email. To learn more about the company, people can read CWDSC’s latest press release.


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