Chicago Website Design SEO Company Urges Local Businesses to Prepare for Google Algorithm Updates

Chicago Website Design SEO Company, or CWDSC, is one of the oldest and most successful internet marketing companies in Chicago, Illinois. Company CEO Jack Lombardi urges small business owners and local entrepreneurs to learn more about its range of digital marketing services and how the agency can help them become top performers in their industries respective.

CWDSC has been at the forefront of conceptualizing and implementing creative and effective keyword-based digital marketing strategies for over a decade. The company’s expert services have been well received by its clients in the Chicago metro area. Its Google My Business page sits at a perfect 5.0 out of 5.0 from 43 reviews. The same appreciation of its services is reflected in its perfect Yelp score of 5.0 from 18 customer reviews.

The company’s full range of digital marketing services includes competitive analysis, keyword analysis, website design, including projects for personal portfolios, entrepreneurs, professionals, retail stores e-commerce, etc management, Yelp listing optimization, search engine marketing, product feed optimization, press release optimization and backlinking services, customer conversion, lead generation, AdWords, YouTube ads, programmatic ads, Google My Business SEO, referencing of Etsy products, etc.

Jack Lombardi explains what makes the company’s approach to SEO unique, saying, “Search engine optimization is a cat-and-mouse game of SEO experts always trying to keep up with updates. Google’s constant updates on its proprietary and somewhat mysterious algorithm. With every major algorithm update that goes live, every 6 months or so, they tweak it to work slightly better from the point of view of The trend in recent years has been to promote websites that match the search intent of the user. For a local business, it can be difficult to tailor the content of their website to meet this requirement to please the almighty algorithm. This can often mean a complete content shake-up. Most local businesses usually already struggle to compete with larger players in their sect. ur who can afford to spend large sums of money on other digital advertising methods such as PPC advertising. To level the playing field, you need an experienced SEO agency on your side and confident in their approach. We’ve been serving Chicago businesses for over a decade and have seen our clients’ online businesses succeed despite countless algorithm updates. So call us today and let us set you up with the same unparalleled SEO services that have made many Windy City business owners incredibly successful.

CWDSC has also garnered a lot of goodwill from local business owners praising them for their honesty and integrity. For example, one of the latest reviews of the Chicago-based digital marketing company’s services on its Google My Business page comes from the people behind the movie industry reviews and interviews website Movies and Shakers. The review explains how the website’s creators scheduled a 15-minute call with CWDSC just to turn into an hour-long meeting where the company’s SEO expert analyzed the challenges of unique website growth. At the end of the meeting, the reviewer says, the CWDSC SEO expert was honest enough to admit that paying for his services wasn’t the best use of the client’s resources at the time. This interaction is emblematic of CWDSC’s commitment to running a business that primarily seeks the benefit of its customers. This is one of the many reasons CWDSC has managed to last in the fierce digital marketing industry for over a decade.

Readers in Chicago and surrounding areas of Illinois, or anywhere else in the country, can contact Chicago Website Design SEO Company at (312) 448-8310. Interested local business owners, entrepreneurs trying to promote a brand online, or those running budding or successful online businesses can follow updates from the Chicago Internet Marketing Company by following the newsroom at CWDSC.


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