Chicago Website Design SEO Company Warns Against Using Black Hat SEO Techniques For Digital Marketing

Chicago Website Design SEO Company (CWDSC) urges businesses in Illinois to entrust their digital marketing efforts only to experts who keep abreast of the latest industry developments.

The Chicago-based digital marketing agency has been at the forefront of keyword-based search engine optimization for over a decade. Established in 2009, CWDSC claims that over the years it has built over a thousand websites for its clients and helped even more businesses optimize their existing websites to attract the type of clients that are a perfect fit. their target demographic and who are most likely to generate sales.

The company says it’s focused on creating integrated digital marketing strategies that leverage the underlying technologies of the web to use every possible avenue to get traffic. CWDSC achieves this by implementing a systematic approach to building an online brand. Instead of including digital marketing strategies after the fact, CWDSC will ensure the website is built from the ground up to make it search engine friendly. The company is also redesigning its customers’ current sites to make them compatible with its optimizations.

Chicago Website Design SEO Company CEO Jack Lombardi talks about the need to stay current with cutting-edge SEO techniques, saying, “Here at CWDSC, we don’t believe in taking shortcuts to dominate the search engine. We understand the search engine optimization industry better than 90% of other digital marketing agencies. You can’t take myopic steps and hope they last when marketing your business online. Google’s algorithms are becoming increasingly sophisticated due to scientific advances in the field of artificial intelligence. Soon they will be able to tell exactly which companies are providing the most value to their customers and which companies are trying to game the system for a quick boost. If you use the black hat marketing techniques recommended by some bad faith SEO agencies, you will see an increase in traffic, of course, but it will come from people who are tricked into visiting your website. Therefore, you will have very low conversions for this traffic. Additionally, Google’s algorithm may also penalize your website if you continue to rely on these methods to get traffic. There’s no way to recover online activity if Google has deemed you untrustworthy. When working with CWDSC, depending on the industry you serve, we will formulate all-white content and a long-term sustainable digital marketing strategy. It will capitalize on trends in your industry and ensure your brand is presented in the best possible light. So if you’re struggling to take your business to peak profitability, give us a call and let us work our magic to help your brand.

The Company’s SEO optimization services include SEO setup for Google listings, local SEO services, reputation management, Yelp listings optimization, search engine marketing, feed optimization products, conversion optimization, lead generation, press release optimization and backlinking. It also offers competitor analysis and keyword analysis for businesses in various industries. CWDSC can also help entrepreneurs, artists, entrepreneurs, solo professionals, e-commerce brands, etc. to create responsive and marketable portfolio websites and content driven websites by managing all aspects of the process, including web design and web hosting.

One of the most recent 5-star reviews CWDSC received from one of its clients on its Google My Business listing states, “Working with Jack Lombardi and the web design team in Chicago is an absolute pleasure! Jack is a real down-to-earth guy, friendly, approachable and a certified Search Engine Optimization GURU! Do yourself a favor, call Jack on the phone and get your business to the top of Google!”

Small business owners and Internet-based business owners in Chicago and the rest of Illinois can contact Chicago Website Design SEO Company at (312) 448-8310. Prospective clients are also encouraged to check out the CWDSC Newsroom to keep up to date with news and announcements from the Chicago digital marketing agency.


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