Child Care Branding and Marketing Agency Explains How to Increase Enrollment at a Child Care or Daycare Center

Child Care SEO, an Austin, TX-based child care marketing company, explained how increase enrollment in a day care center or day care by accepting visits. This can be made easier by taking advantage of an automated route planner. This will allow parents to book and reschedule their appointments quickly and easily. An automated visit scheduler has several advantages: fewer phone calls, fewer unexpected visits; more parents show up; and 24/7 accessibility.

Because the automated visit planner allows parents to book a visit online, there will be fewer phone calls from parents, saving daycare school administrators a lot of time spent answering questions. phone calls. There will be fewer inquiries about his availability since his calendar will automatically appear on the screen once parents click on the “Book a visit” button.

And surprise or unannounced visits will be minimized as parents will book a visit directly on the school’s website. The result is that school administrators will have more time to prepare for visits.

Another big benefit of using an automated visitation planner is that more parents will show up, as Magdalena and Colin MacLeod experienced with their school Happy Bunnies. And finally, the automated visit planner is accessible to parents 24/7. This tends to increase enrollment as parents don’t have to wait long to book an appointment. Instead, booking a school visit is easy and convenient with the automated visit planner.

The add appointment notification would be the first to be received by the school administrator after a parent has booked a visit. This notification shows the date and time that the parent has scheduled. The school administrator will need to send confirmation to the parent that the appointment has been received. Also, it’s a good idea to send a reminder to the parents a day before the actual visit. And finally, we can send a friendly reminder to the parents an hour before the visit.

the child care marketing agency also recommends inexpensive, ready-to-use tools that daycare and child care school administrators can use to schedule visits. One is Calendly, which is one of the most popular planners. It can also help those trying to set up a meeting with an existing client or prospect who want to avoid emailing back and forth to find a date that works for both parties. Calendly is also useful for internal meetings where employees will need to choose a time and day that suits them. Using Calendly can increase daycare or daycare enrollment, and it’s affordable, and you can even try it for free.

Another possible useful scheduling tool is Acuity Scheduler, which has many features. It offers intake forms and allows automatic time setting. It can also be integrated directly into the school website and it will send email and SMS reminders. It also offers affordable monthly rates and offers a free trial.

Launched in 2020, Child Care SEO set out to help daycares and preschools who want to increase enrollment but have little or no experience with the internet or online marketing. Unlike other digital marketing agencies, they have decided to focus on offering their services to preschools and daycares. This is understandable because Magdalena and Colin MacLeod, the owners and founders of Child Care SEO, are also involved in the child care industry, operating their child care schools for over 13 years, as they run such schools since 2008. Meanwhile, Colin has a background in Internet consulting that dates back to the 1990s.

People who want to know more about the commercialization of child care services provided by Child Care SEO can visit their website or contact them by phone or email.


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