Cocktail Advertising ventures into digital media to help start-ups thrive

Dubai: Cocktail Advertising – one of the leading offline marketing agencies based in Fujairah, UAE, recently launched its digital wing under a new flagship brand, Streambid Media.

With decades of experience in offline marketing and campaigning around print publications, magazines, and TV and radio ads, the company is venturing into the digital world to help businesses harness the power digital platforms and increase their overall results. The company has its offices in Fujairah, Jaipur and Pune and plans to expand into most major cities in India and the Middle East.

“Programmatic advertising is expanding its market share at an unprecedented rate and is expected to soon dominate the digital advertising ecosystem,” said co-founder and COO Shubham Bhargava. He adds that 80% of all digital signage advertising revenue is currently generated from programmatic ads. Programmatic advertising is the process of purchasing digital advertisements through automated platforms. The process being automated is gradually replacing the traditional digital advertising model, which typically requires negotiation on the part of the digital media team.

Shubham Bhargava – Co-Founder and COO at Streambid Media Services strongly believes that programmatic advertising will help marketers channel their resources into proper ad targeting and personalization of ad campaigns. The process is completely data driven and therefore will eliminate a lot of redundancy.

“Real-time optimized programmatic ads, based on extensive publisher database, will allow marketers and advertisers to target individual impressions instead of buying ad blocks,” he said. He added that programmatic advertising also plays a central role in bringing transparency to the digital marketing ecosystem, and Streambid Media is helping publishers in India and the Middle East get a fair price for their spaces. advertising.

The agency has a team of twelve experienced professionals with in-depth knowledge of digital advertising. “By respecting our philosophy of ensuring the complete satisfaction of our clients, we only recruit the best in the sector,” says the head of talent acquisition. We have well-defined recruiting parameters and we make sure to strictly adhere to them when we have a member on board, ”she added.

The company takes great pride in its highly skilled team members, who are technically sound and well equipped to take on any challenge. “As a team, the company always goes the extra mile to meet customer expectations,” said Shubham Bhargava – Co-Founder and COO and Head of Media Services. “The team also has expertise in helping publishers detect fraud and invalid traffic, recover ad blocks, measure visibility, etc. to ensure that advertisers and publishers are always better off.” , he added.

The agency is also proud of its highly knowledgeable team, able to serve ads on all devices to ensure a higher return on investment. The team is also proficient in monetization and ad buying methods. The expertise lies in real-time auctions, header auctions, private market auctions and the acquisition of exclusive offers for monetization.

The team is experienced in selling and buying ads in ad exchanges linking publishers to advertisers, in ad server auctions based on priority and private markets hosted by publishers, and in inputting special offers from preferred advertising partners.

The company believes that it is not enough to provide the services; maintaining transparent communication and updating them on ad performance is also necessary. “We maintain full transparency around the service agreement, advertising spend and overall performance so our clients never feel like they’re not getting enough of their investments. »Declared the co-founder of the company. “We provide detailed header auction reports and ensure a transparent process from onboarding to revenue payment,” he added. The company also provides dedicated support for advertising operations so that customers can always focus on their core business.

Besides digital signage advertising, Streambid Media also specializes in providing SEO, social media marketing, email marketing and mobile marketing services to its clients. The company has been successful in managing and delivering tangible results for its wide range of global clients.


About Streambid Media

Streambid Media is the new digital media division of Cocktail Advertising, after a successful journey in the offline media and advertising industry, the company has decided to help businesses of all sizes leverage digital and strengthen their sales and income.

Since its creation on 14e As of November 2020, the company now has twelve members, helping businesses double their sales and revenue through digital advertising. The company has become a dominant player in programmatic media monetization in just a year, and in the long run, it aspires to be the go-to agency for all digital marketing needs.

Co-founder and director of operations:
Shubham Bhargava
[email protected]

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