Condé Nast Launches Bon Appétit-Epicurious Recipe Subscription Product

And what are the specifics of the cost?

With the Bon Appétit and Epicurious paid recipe subscription, consumers will have the option of opting for a monthly digital subscription at $4.99 per month after a free trial month, or an annual digital subscription at $40, whether we discount to $30 for charter subscribers.

Do you test introductory offers a lot?

Yes, and introductory trial offers will continue to be part of our overall acquisition strategy. It’s an effective tactic to attract new paying consumers that music and video streaming services are also doing. We continually test our introductory pricing to arrive at a trial offer that maximizes acquisition volume and subscriber lifetime value. And we have a robust CRM onboarding process to engage testers with the brand so they become loyal readers willing to pay a premium price and continue the relationship beyond the trial period.

So you watch the customer every step of the way, basically.

We followed the same successful approach we originally took when Condé Nast launched its first metered paywall on The New Yorker in November 2014. competition informed our strategy.

Another important data point for Bon Appétit and Epicurious comes from the registration gate we launched last year. On the second recipe, a reader is asked to provide their email address in order to continue reading. Results were extremely strong for Bon Appétit and Epicurious. We’ve seen a strong correlation between content that drives sign-up and content that drives paid conversion across our brands that currently have paid digital subscriptions.

The publishing industry has been obsessed for decades with trying to offer advertisers scale, which has led to the era of rate base inflation and heavily discounted subscription prices for publications. print, and an early trend for publishers to offer much or all of their content for free on the web. What’s Condé’s story (what’s your message to advertisers) about audience reach and value?

Our compensation strategy is built in close collaboration with our advertising team. Our advertisers come to Condé Nast to reach the most engaged audiences, in the most premium and contextually relevant environments. Based on the extensive data we have collected from our digital subscription brands, we know that our subscribers are a highly engaged audience, returning to our sites more frequently, spending more time with our content and discovering more by visiting more of pages.

Are these paid readers also more engaged in advertising?

Yes, the data also proves that these performance metrics directly translate to engagement with the advertising we serve in these environments on behalf of our clients.

And what about the scale? How did the launch of subscription products affect total audience size?

We haven’t experienced any negative traffic impact with brands that currently have a paywall. Understanding the value of our audiences and content allows us to make quick decisions for content optimization as well as marketing and distribution strategies. In addition to being able to adjust counters on websites to optimize traffic, our content distribution network on platforms like YouTube and social media gives us additional scale and allows us to monetize our content in many ways.

Since launching paid digital subscriptions to The New Yorker in November 2014, Wired in February 2018, and Vanity Fair in April 2018, consumers have proven they are willing to pay for the quality content we create, and performance has exceeded our expectations. At the same time, each of these brands has increased the number of visitors to its sites, as well as the time those visitors spend there.

These successes have proven the ultimate measure of our audience’s engagement: beyond the time spent, it’s money spent.

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