Content marketing experts share how to improve copywriting and SEO

Creating content online requires a delicate balance. You must provide real value to readers, while using automated search engines. So how can you improve on both sides? Members of the online small business community have the answers. From writing tips to SEO tools, here are their top content marketing suggestions for the week.

Outrank Your Competitors With These SEO-Optimized Copywriting Tips

Your writing style can have a huge impact on your web traffic. Content creators need to find ways to deliver real value while appealing to search engines. Anne Warren offers SEO-optimized writing tips in this article from Pixel Productions. And the members of BizSugar commented on the post here.

Find great freelance writers

If you’re not ready to create your own amazing written content, there are plenty of freelancers who can do it for you. But how do you find writers with the right skills and expertise? Lily this SME CEO post by Ivan Widjaya for ideas.

Improve your local SEO

SEO is an important concept for any business with a website. But it can be especially vital for local businesses. How local businesses increase search traffic also varies. Get advice tailored to this type of business in this Crowdspring article by Mike Khorev.

Quickly analyze and optimize content

Before you can improve your online content, you need to understand its performance. Then, once you analyze it, take steps to further optimize it. Megha Seth provides tips for analyzing and optimizing content in this article Startup Bonsai. You can see more comment about posting on BizSugar.

Learn the secret to great blog writing

Blogs are still one of the most important types of content marketing. But with so many blogs available online, you need great copywriting to make yours stand out. In this Lion Blogger article, Lahaul Seth actions secrets to improving your blog content.

Stay inspired to create content

To create great content, you need good ideas. But new innovative topics require inspiration. So what do you do when you’re not feeling inspired? In this article from the Content Marketing Institute, Robert Rose shares tips for staying inspired and discussion on the importance of inspiration for content creation.

Learn more about Google Search Console and Google Analytics

The right tools can help you easily optimize your content for SEO. Tools like Google Analytics have been helping content creators and website owners for years. But there are also other options like Google Search Console. Lily on the features and benefits of each in this Mostly Blogging post by Janice Wald.

Increase the authenticity of your marketing

When potential customers read your content, they can usually tell if you’re genuine or if you’re trying to sell them something. Your marketing can actually be more effective if you’re genuinely trying to deliver value. Learn more about authenticity and incorporating it into your marketing materials in this DIY Marketers article by Ivana Taylor.

Boost your domain authority

Domain authority is a metric that search engines use to determine how trustworthy and well-known a site is. The more domain authority your site has, the more likely it is to appear in search results. Neil Patel offers a guide to this powerful metric in this blog post.

Leverage the power of voice search in optimization

Many consumers nowadays use the voice search feature on their devices to find things online. And it can definitely impact SEO strategies. If you want your online content optimized for this format, read it Search Engine Journal publication by Brian Frederick for advice.

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