Content marketing platform, AFOREVO registers 300 million monthly views

As the demand for creative and exciting multimedia content soars locally and globally, AFOREVO, a revolutionary film and digital content company, has seized the opportunity by providing a platform for content providers, creators content managers, veteran television producers and filmmakers, and many other creatives. The pan-African digital company, headquartered in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria, with multiple operational offices located across the African continent, brings game-changing ideas to all aspects of creative content, from ideation, conceptualization, production , promotion, marketing and distribution, not just to Nigerian consumers of digital content, but to Africans as a whole.

This was announced by Ben Murphy Anawana, the Managing Director of Ben Murphy Group International (MBI), which is the parent company of AFOREVO.

In his words, Mr. Anawana said, “We have not just provided the AFOREVO digital platform for global access to Nollywood film content, but have positioned the platform as a one stop shop for everyone. African entertainment. We are proud to be the premium youth and family centric television channel that displays the best of African cinematic content from all genres, presented in different African languages, marketing and promoting the best of African entertainment to the world. We believe that at the heart of every digital ecosystem is a platform business model, and AFOREVO has created an extremely robust technology platform to drive this digital content marketing revolution in Africa.

Within its workforce, AFOREVO has a team of 300 seasoned professionals, with expertise in delivering different forms of entertainment, engagement and empowerment services, content creation, broadcasting of digital news, dubbing, licensing solutions and organization of scriptwriting competitions.

As a one-stop-shop entertainment company, AFOREVO (acronym for African Online Revolution) has over the past six years become one of the leading film content creation, collection, promotion, marketing and distribution of quality content that reflects African culture and heritage.

Founded by Mr. Murphy Anawana, MBI has business operations and investments that span the world of digital business, including online shopping malls, digital television, web services and e-learning. MBI, within its subsidiary, operates AFOREVO YOUTUBE, AFOREVO TV, AFOREVO DUBBING and VYBZ 94.5 FM as its group’s main hub for digital content business.

Speaking on the company’s new digital voice and visual radio station, the Managing Director of VYBZ 94.5 FM, Mr. Mark Redguard, said that “through our sister company, VYBZ 94.5 FM , is currently about to officially launch on Nigeria Digital Radio. space. VYBZ 94.5 FM is not just your usual digital radio platform, it is a Nigerian 360 digital voice and visual radio station with a website,, where Afro-beats music lovers from any part of the world can stream our programs live; and Nigerians in the Diaspora (London, Atlanta, Houston, Chicago and New York among others) can stream our Afro-beats mixes with the latest songs. Our target listeners are young people between the ages of 14 and 45. And because we understand the importance of acceptance and diversity, our program segments allow for a greater sense of inclusion in the music, arts, technology, health, cultural activities and news that affect and shape the world we live in. Also, because at VYBZ 94.5 FM, our mantra is more Afro-beats music, less on-air talk, we work with top female DJs like Simss The DJ and DJ Femzey, and soon, we’ll be on board notable Nigerian entertainers to serve as presenters of on-air shows.

Mr. Murphy, continuing his earlier statement, claimed that MBI is currently the largest YouTube partner in Africa and their digital-only subscription products are fast becoming the market leader in Africa, the group’s chief executive said.

Explaining further, he affirmed AFOREVO’s long-standing relationships with many African filmmakers and how it has fostered the growth of the film industry in Africa in various ways, citing as an example, its latest effort to empower promising screenwriters through a competition. “We have been focused on promoting the big positive narrative surrounding African culture and black heritage on the continent,” Anawana said. This objective is pursued with determination, given the numerous contents of the digital platform of AFOREVO coming from “more than 100,000 cinema professionals in more than 35 countries of the African continent”.

Nollywood actor, Mr. Lawrence Onuzulike, who is also responsible for content sourcing and film production of AFOREVO, charged with the responsibility of sourcing content and film talent, as well as overseeing the segment of the film production of AFOREVO, recently announced to the general public the new screenwriting competition launched by him and powered by AFOREVO. According to Mr. Onuzulike, the Nollywood Screenwriting Contest (NSWC) is endowed with a prize of two million naira and a contract offer to work on a Nollywood blockbuster movie, including a screenwriting contract. one year with AFOREVO.

He further noted that the Nollywood Screenwriting Contest (NSWC) will allow screenwriters and screenwriters who have been looking for an opportunity to take their talent to the next level or who have what it takes to turn a story into a gripping film script. Then this one is for them! He added that this competition (NSWC) was created to reward hard-working screenwriters and highlight the roles they play in filmmaking.

Most importantly, Mr. Murphy, following on from his statement, pointed out that AFOREVO, one of the leading pan-African digital film production, promotion and distribution organizations, is also building sustainable avenues and platforms to launch constantly innovative projects and promote the ideas of African cinema. industry.
His explanation highlighted the economic boom that AFOREVO brings to filmmakers; “Filmmakers, content creators or business partners, whose channel is linked to AFOREVO YouTube’s unique multi-channel network, as part of our joint commitment, will enjoy the benefits of monetizing their content, protecting rights and against property theft, a wider range of promotions, support and expertise in content management, as well as quality advertising placement to improve revenue, among others.

He further explained that new filmmakers, who have little or no idea on how to market their films, can get their content promoted, monetized and marketed through AFOREVO’s YouTube channels.
“A screenwriter with scripts already completed and interested in producing films but who lacks sufficient funds can be helped at AFOREVO, where we review the script, rework areas if necessary and, if possible, buy it and bring the film to life. script by financing the production, putting it on the platform, promoting it and marketing it through our digital platform AFOREVO,” he explained.

Filmmakers with content already produced can also maximize AFOREVO’s opportunity to reach a wider audience in their country, region or anywhere else in the world.

For example, the MBI GMD said, “AFOREVO can pay a film producer to set up their film for a year, and depending on the demand, with our dubbing expertise, depending on the demand, we can also decide to present your film in English, Swahili, Zulu, French, Hausa, Afrikaans, Igbo, Lingala, Wolof, Arabic, Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba and many other languages ​​Depending on the contract, if a producer wants their digital content to be exclusively released on AFOREVO TV’s YouTube platform, the rate of marketing and promotion from the film will be high, but if you also want your content to be marketed through other organizations’ platforms too, the rate will be a little less high,” he explained.

Speaking on AFOREVO TV, Mr. Afam Anawana, Managing Director of the company’s YouTube TV channel, pointed out that: “Murphy Ben International has been diving into satellite TV with the launch of AFOREVO TV on 5 September 2015. Through AFOREVO TV, they brought viewers the best of African entertainment through various exciting segments and programs such as “Lights, Camera, Action”, “Red Carpet”, “Catch Up”, “Movie Premieres” , “The Guest”, “Cypher Room”, “Z-Culture”, “Events”, and “Shorts”, among others.

Mr. Dennis Igwebuike, the Group Head, AFOREVO TV YouTube affirmed that AFOREVO TV, which is accessible through its YouTube channel, also provides viewers with African film content in different languages ​​through its 24-hour AFOREVO TV, part of 24-hour African television. the first entertainment channel that offers a 360-degree ‘potpourri’ of music, art, fashion, poetry and dance. At Aforevo, we pride ourselves on being the largest digital content marketing and distribution platform, the leading digital television platform that provides premium revenue opportunities for filmmakers and video content creators and also the most major African partner of YouTube with approximately 300 million views and more than 4 billion views and viewers per year. can find the best Nollywood content at an affordable price.

Mr. Igwebuike, speaking further, pointed out, “Our in-house team of experienced digital marketing professionals, content managers and search engine optimizers will help unravel the latest content marketing trends for you and to review key changes in this area. He added, “We also offer a tactical set of services that can help your digital content gain visibility and, in turn, reward you with ROI.”

Afam, continuing its previous statement, also revealed that “the bottom line for filmmakers and content creators, as Murphy Anawana alluded to, is that connecting to the AFOREVO multi-channel network gives them economic rewards for their efforts” .

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