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MarketCast acquires Phoenix Marketing International

March 24, 2022

In the United States, entertainment news company MarketCast has acquired ad and brand measurement specialist Phoenix Marketing International, for an undisclosed amount.

Founded in 1999 by Allen DeCotiis (pictured) and Martha Rea, Phoenix specializes in helping customers improve their brand and communications, create and refine products and services, and optimize the customer experience. The company is known for its analysis of advertising testing and metrics, and its Phoenix Brand Effect (formerly Nielsen TV Brand Effect) platform is used to understand the influence of advertisements on consumer affinity and consideration, purchase intention and increase.

MarketCast says the deal expands its own ad effectiveness measurement, testing and research offering, while adding a portfolio of research products spanning the entire ad lifecycle. The combined company employs more than 100 data technologists and scientists and 400 quantitative and qualitative researchers. DeCotiis says that with its media and advertising research portfolio and collaboration with the biggest names in entertainment, sports and technology, MarketCast is the perfect home for people, platforms and customers in Phoenix.

John Batter, CEO of MarketCast, added, “The acquisition of Phoenix supports MarketCast’s vision to create the most technologically and data-advanced research enterprise on the planet, where primary research is combined with the Big Data to determine what fans watch, buy and listen to. to most, and why they choose to watch, buy and listen. We see a tremendous opportunity to bring these two companies together, combining our unique expertise in media research and big data to innovate new advertising effectiveness solutions.”

Websites: www.marketcast.com and www.phoenixmi.com .

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