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Society is increasingly dependent on technology with each update, each new device and even payment methods. With the increase in technology, the internet continues to bring together people who are worlds apart. With just the click of a button, you can Facetime, talk, and see where someone is, even if they’re halfway around the world. Not to mention the power of social media which has become an important part of our society. Word spreads quickly when everyone has access to platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Most older generations look to younger generations to teach them how to use new communication platforms. However, young or old, some people are more inclined to use the tools at a higher level. Digital Drew, a digital marketing agency founded by Drew Blumenthal, is one of those agencies that know how to use our society’s technological advancements wisely to not only boost their own business but also companies around the world.

Entrepreneurial spirit from the start

From an early age, the founder of Digital Drew knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur. Like the ability to know how to use technology, entrepreneurship, for the most part, is an inherent characteristic. Digital Drew, in his middle childhood, was looking for ways to run a business. He opened a lemonade stand and established a stable babysitting business. Both businesses, with the support of his parents, Drew took the lead, secured the necessary equipment and clientele, and he made the most of his time.

Along with his undeniable desire to run his own business, Digital Drew had a love and passion for technology, especially computers. At a relatively young age, Drew realized the importance of having a career that straddles something you love and something you excel at. “I’ve always loved helping people and computers,” says Digital Drew. Once it was time for Drew to strike out on his own for his agency, digital marketing was an easy decision.

Experience and dreams

While at West Chester University, Drew learned and honed specific talents and passions for marketing. He was a natural with marketing and he loved his job. After graduating from high school, Digital Drew entered the real world of marketing. Drew has made an impression on some of the top Fortune 500 marketing agencies, and he’s had the benefit of gaining experience at high-performing agencies. “While working for agencies, I had the opportunity to work with billionaire companies like Samsung and Johnson & Johnson. The skills I learned were extremely valuable,” says Digital Drew.

However, after several successful years in his career, Drew knew he wanted and could do more. He couldn’t help but want to run his own business, and in 2017 he made the leap into the world of self-started digital marketing. Digital Drew Digital Marketing started in 2017 with just one client. However, Drew knew failure was not an option. Today, Digital Drew has over 50 customers worldwide, and Drew is excited to grow his business even further.

Digital Drew Digital Marketing

Digital Drew’s digital marketing agency is a multi-tap agency. Drew’s Agency is a company that provides a full range of services to businesses and individuals looking to build their online presence and generate leads. Using Facebook, Google and Instagram ads, SEO, website development, email marketing, etc., he has been able to consistently improve his client’s lead generation and revenue.

The combination of Digital Drew’s industry experience and perspective that failure is not an option has made his digital marketing agency stand out. His clients feel listened to, respected and ultimately satisfied with his work because he seeks to fully understand his clients and their needs. His eye for what a brand could use to grow their customer base is unmatched. If you’re interested in working with Digital Drew or learning more about their business goals, check out their website. You can also follow him on instagram.

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