Digital Marketing Agency Orange Coming Soon to PNG


Recently acquired Orange Digital Services, a digital marketing agency based in Brisbane, Australia, is eyeing the market north to PNG for a future venture into the digital market space.

Brian Bell Group Limited acquired the business in July 2021 and is now fully operational with continuing services in the Australian market.

Group Chief Executive Cameron Mackellar, in response to questions, said it was looking to provide Orange Digital services in PNG over time and continue its growth platform in Australia.

He said that, as with any acquisition, it takes some time to set up the business and properly integrate Orange into its group.

“We couldn’t be happier with the acquisition and in particular with the entire Orange Digital team. They’ve been very receptive and eager to be part of a bigger organization,” he said.

“We bought Orange Digital as a going concern, so nothing really changes for them other than the fact that they’re owned by a proud PNG company these days.”

Mackellar said they have many great customers who are highly engaged and have huge potential with their digital capabilities and technology focus on applications. We will look to provide Orange Digital services here in PNG over time, while continuing their growth platform in Australia.

“Given the pandemic has now been going on for over two years, everything we do these days has a Covid lens attached. We are extremely confident in Orange and these companies always have a longer term stake,” he said.

“No business has been spared by Covid-19 and Orange has adopted many of the same protocols that we have in place here in PNG.”

Orange Digital Services is a Brisbane-based digital marketing agency taking the world by storm with stunning design, development, apps, video and social media.

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