Digital marketing agency Path Interactive changes name to Amsive Digital

Path Interactive, an industry leader in the search marketing and digital media space, today announced a complete rebranding to Amsive Digital, the digital arm of the Amsive corporate brand, formerly known as VisionSourceLink.

Along with the rebranding comes a new visual identity and extensive digital marketing capabilities that reflect the accelerated growth of the business and present a unified corporate vision. The new name Amsive Digital consolidates the agency’s status at the intersection of innovation, analytics, targeting and creative vision, while broadening the mix of marketing channels available to new and existing clients.

Path Interactive has been part of the VisionSourceLink family, a HIG Capital portfolio company, since 2019. The digital agency has worked with its parent companies to launch integrated campaigns across traditional and digital media channels. DX Marketing joined the fold in 2020, helping VisionSourceLink expand its capability set in data services and predictive modeling. Now all of these companies come together under a common corporate identity, demonstrating a long-standing commitment to working together with the goal of customer success.

“To a certain extent, this is a cosmetic change, but it’s also an evolution with a lot of intentions behind it,” said Michel coppola, founder and CEO. “Our culture and our team remain exactly the same, but we are using that talent and spirit to tackle services that previously could only be offered by our competitors at the enterprise level. We want our name to reflect the power we have with the largest Amsive agency by our side.

SourceLink and Vision will come together to become Amsive, a full-service agency running data-driven omnichannel campaigns. Path Interactive will take the name Amsive Digital, focusing on delivering a laser-focused digital strategy that identifies target consumers wherever their web use takes them and on their engagement with content, strategy. creative and influencer conversion strategy.

The digital agency’s enhanced service offerings include paid media, SEO, managed social media, performance creation, influencer marketing, data management, predictive modeling, strategy, and more, creating thus an even smarter and more integrated brand partner for digital performance marketing.

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