Digital Marketing Trends to Go Ahead in 2023

Among the various things emerging in digital marketing, the following are expected to stand out in 2023.

Digital Marketing Trends to Go Ahead in 2023

By India Today Web Desk: Digital marketing has come a long way in the last decade. Taking shape after the development of IT and business intelligence systems, digital marketing has transformed the way brands tell stories and speak to their audience. It is now at the heart of the marketing mix and media plans of almost every brand.

Next-gen feats of artificial intelligence and machine learning allow brands to do the unimaginable and personalize ads to call people by name and more. In addition to solidifying brand recall, these personalized videos make brands relatable and, when executed correctly, show brand ingenuity, heart and care, all of which connect with audiences everywhere.

For example, Nike’s successful virtual world, Nikeland, attracts millions of users to try out games while dressing their avatars in virtual Nike accessories, mirroring real-world commerce. Elsewhere, Hyundai seeks to unite the metaverse and the physical world so that users can meet and communicate with each other and experience Hyundai Motor’s mobility offerings in the form of avatars.

Brands with the right goals and technology skills will have a first mover advantage and be able to experiment in virtual worlds. They will also be able to accurately monitor new customer preferences, i.e. how long users browse virtual products, their consumption habits or how people react to advertisements.

Additionally, the metaverse will attract many content creators with its engaging environment, opening doors for brands to use influencer marketing in an entirely new way and connect with new audiences. We’ve only scratched the surface when it comes to the Metaverse, with so many more use cases yet to be explored.

–By Aparna Mahesh, Director of Marketing, Great Learning.

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