Donna Probes: The Magic of Social Media Marketing

November 20—Managing your company’s social media takes time. It’s often the first thing that goes down the drain when a small business owner is pulled in a million directions.

Social media management tools are a busy business owner’s best friend. With the right tools, you can drastically reduce the time you spend building social media. They help you streamline your efforts and stay in front of subscribers more consistently.

Here’s how it works. Instead of having to log into six or more different social media accounts every week or month to create your posts, you simply create a post using your social media management tool. You then define a schedule for displaying your publications. And while you’re busy running your business, this helpful tool handles all the postings for you.

A great way to experience this time-saving tool is to create a free account with It will let you create and schedule posts for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, and LinkedIn. You can import content, schedule up to 30 posts, and keep track of things with analytics. is another well-known tool used by many advertising agencies. You can start with a 30-day free trial to see if this tool’s power and time-saving benefits are worth it. A basic plan starts at $49 per month.

Like the others, is also a well-known and respected tool for managing your social accounts. It has a simple interface and is quite intuitive. Buffer also integrates with the top five social media giants. The free version, however, only lets you connect three social accounts and limits the number of messages you can send each month to 10. You can add analytics and engagement tools for as little as $5 per month and per channel.

These three options are worth investigating. Each has different offerings, so you’ll be able to find the right solution at the most economical price for your business.

Once you find the best social media management tool for your business, there remains the problem of what to post.

Well-designed graphics are an essential element and an important key to capturing attention on the web.

Fortunately, there are several social design apps — many of them free — that can help you create post-worthy graphics quickly and easily. Two main options are and Using these tools, you will be able to enhance the look of your social media profile with professional templates and design layouts.

Many SCORE clients come to us to harness the power of social media marketing. Throughout the year, free workshops on this subject and many others are offered. The second in a series of two-part workshops on this topic will take place on December 15 at noon. This is an online live event. To register, go to

Donna Probes, MBA, is a SCORE Mentor and professional musician. Learn more about the organization at

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