Ex Novo Marketing takes a personal and hands-on approach with its growing portfolio of clients

Known for its diverse method of growing businesses and revenue streams, Ex Novo Marketing treats every business as if it were its own. Every client receives the same star treatment with a mix of analytics and pure creativity poured into their marketing campaigns.

When selecting a marketing firm to represent them, every brand wants a team that truly cares and can deliver exceptional results. They entrust their reputation and future sales in the hands of another and hope that this trust will be rewarded.

This confidence is well placed in ex-novo marketing. They pride themselves on stewardship, with a mission to treat every customer’s business as if it were their own. They take it to the next level by maintaining constant and transparent contact with each brand.

Ex Novo Marketing’s experience with digital marketing has shown that running its campaigns across multiple platforms delivers the most success. They seek to use this knowledge to provide their clients with as many sources of traffic and revenue as possible. Whether on Facebook or TikTok, each platform has the potential to provide part of a whole diversified income stream.

Creativity with results

Ex Novo Marketing provides incredibly creative deliverables to its clients. It’s not just their advertising either. They support brands in all aspects of their digital footprint, from web design to contents creation. Their strategy revolves around a brand with the highest quality of care and results.

The numbers don’t lie with an impeccable track record and the analytics to prove it. Ex Novo Marketing clients have seen their advertising revenue increase by 348%. It’s not just revenue that Ex Novo Marketing takes into account. On average, their clients also saw a 4x increase in return on ad spend and a 27% drop in cost per acquisition. These economic performances only increase the value of the results of Ex Novo Marketing.


Ex Novo Marketing considers all aspects of a brand when creating and implementing its paid advertising and content. Brands know they can trust Ex Novo Marketing carefree because they are treated with the complete care of a business owner.

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