Featured Actress Susan Pwajok, Vintage Confluence Seal Digital Media Campaign Deal – Nigerian Observer

Lagos: Popular Nigerian actress, Susan Laraba Pwajok AKA @susanpwajok has signed a web-based cryptocurrency trading platform, Vintage Confluence LLC, in a deal to advertise the business of the company’s Bitcoin financial exchange on its social media platforms.

The media campaign, which began in December 2021, will run over a period of three months.

Speaking on the proposed campaign, the actress said, “I am very excited to be a part of Vintage Confluence through this campaign and the strengthening of cryptocurrency in this part of the world. I find my dealings with the company very interesting for their vast knowledge of Bitcoin trading.
At Vintage Confluence, they are sure of what they do and what to do, and the company has a very deep care for its customers, values ​​that I uphold and echo as well.

“Vintage Confluence is such an appealing brand and I’m open to working with the brand in the future if the opportunity arises. We would spread the word and push the brand further into the faces and subconscious of the masses, building a connection of trust between the brand and the customers.

“As a result of my relationships with Vintage Confluence through this campaign, the company’s existing and potential customers will be able to experience and benefit from greater reach and brand equity.”

Susan Pwajok is an actress best known for her role as Blessing in a Nigerian television series titled “The Johnsons”.
According to reports, Susan has been acting since she was three years old; however, she went on hiatus to later emerge in the industry and since then she has thrived in the film industry and become influential.

Mr. Precious Aire, CEO of Vintage Confluence, said his company’s decision to engage an influencer in a digital media campaign was the right move in the right direction, noting that his company’s Bitcoin purchase transaction system offers seamless transactions taking only 10-30 minutes every 24 hours. hours a week under regular circumstances, hence the need to reach a wide range of potential customers who have had difficulty selling their Bitcoins with a smooth transaction.

Vintage Confluence CEO said, “No other platform offers the blend of security, convenience, transparency, trust, honesty and customer service like Vintage Confluence does.

“We’ve been dedicated to constantly evolving the business by listening to our users and improving its product mix to meet their demands.”

“The core mission is to provide traders with the most comprehensive online trading platform available with no hassle or verification, providing thousands of satisfied customers with the right rates, in the right place, at the right time.

“We are committed to providing an exceptional customer experience by building a long-term relationship with existing and potential customers.”

While also highlighting the company’s other unique services, the head of Vintage Confluence said, “Every day, thousands of users around the world use Vintage Confluence LLC, and they are our best advertisers.”

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