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Mado Marketing is a digital marketing agency based in Surat, India. Himanshu Jain’s Mado Marketing company mainly operates from Surat, Delhi NCR, Kanpur and Kolkata and can handle clients from anywhere across the country. They specialize in website development, Whatsapp bulk mailing software, Google my business, and social media marketing. They are results-oriented and believe that every business needs new customers, but old customers cannot be forgotten. Past clients are always important because they know their service and trust their work. Mado Marketing is always striving to provide better service.

Himanshu Jain wants to help you grow your business with the right tools for your needs. He believes digital marketing is the future of marketing and we’re here to help you take advantage of it. Its experienced team of designers, animators and developers can help you build your brand and create effective strategies that will engage your audience. He’s here to make sure your business stays ahead of the competition by providing you with the tools and support you need to thrive in today’s digital world. If you ask Himanshu Jain which he likes to do digital marketing, he says in hotels, restaurants.

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Mado Marketing takes your business to the top by combining their years of experience in creating integrated social solutions with creative results to generate a rewarding digital experience for their clients. They research your business first and strategize for growing your business so they can give you the best results. They keep a team ready to work creatively, who give 100% in their work. They prove to their clients how dedicated they are to their work, showcasing their efforts and growing their clients’ business.

They focus on branding, branding is the most important thing for a business. Branding is the process of creating a unique and memorable identity for a product, brand, or organization. It’s about building a recognizable image that reflects who you are and what you stand for.

Branding can be achieved through a variety of channels: print, digital, experiential, etc. Digitization is an important part of any business. It allows you to reach new customers and make your brand more visible. With digitization, you can create a website that lets people learn more about you and your products. You can also regularly post social media posts, videos, or blogs, which will help you stay in touch with your customers.

If we give a brief description of their services and describe the services they provide, we can say that they provide website development in the form of a quality website which is the key to communication between your customers potentials and you. Mado Marketing offers social media marketing because today social media platforms and websites are widely used to promote any product or service. They provide my business service to Google which is to affect the visibility of a website or web page in a web search engine. It is basically an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and our bulk whatsapp sending software which is numberless. This is a new service they provide and people are getting a lot of help from it.

Himanshu Jain company provides projects and services to customers with 100% satisfaction. They have worked with over 25 different industries and continue to delight clients with their work who today simply prefer to work with them. They have successfully delivered over 182 projects and are currently in service in 3 countries.

You can bring your business dilemma and problems to them and they will solve them completely.

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