How Digital Marketing Defines Retail in India

The expansion of the digital-scale retail market has made the industry much smaller and more challenging

By Aditya Bafna

Every business owner thinks at some point that their physical store needs an online marketing strategy. Many successful businesses in the retail industry have shown how digital marketing helps improve business performance. Retailers are now aware of a well-planned and executed digital marketing strategy that can be extremely rewarding in the future. Moreover, as online shopping gradually gains popularity, the need for digital marketing in the retail industry is reaching its long-awaited new heights.

The technological change in consumer approach has led to advancement and given great power to shoppers to make the choice sitting on their couch. Today, with an abundance of shopping options available, consumers can find and purchase products much easier than ever. The expansion of the retail market on a digital scale has made the industry much smaller and more challenging.

Digital marketing has changed the perspective of modern consumers. Almost no business today can fully beautify and stay ahead of the competition without a strategic digital marketing practice. A well-planned digital marketing strategy influences the overall performance of retail businesses in several ways. Here are some key benefits.

  1. Improved customer experience: Retailers, regardless of size, need to invest in digital marketing to ensure a quality user experience for shoppers. User experience indicates everything from pre-purchase to post-purchase interactions that customers have with the brand. It should be nice and seamless to maximize convenience and efficiency for the end user.
  2. Take advantage of new opportunities: A strong marketing strategy helps retail businesses stand out from their competition. Technological advancements in the sector are currently acting as the driving force behind the growth of the retail sector. This can allow a company to improve customer perception and invest in awareness, reputation, image, etc.
  3. Improves acquisition, conversion and retention rates: Retailers use digital platforms such as omnichannel software, SEO and CRM to reach customers at the right time, in the right place. It’s the right way to increase acquisitions, conversions and retention. Retail businesses can interact and engage with customers in a modified way to drive purchases.
  1. Help overcome the competition: Digital marketing specifically allows small and medium retailers to challenge their competitors with limited resources and access. They can market their brand at their convenience and promote their brand globally. Somehow reaching consumers across the country with a lot of ease.
  1. The right marketing techniques: Digital marketing can be a boon for modern retailers. However, before retailers can reap these benefits, they must first implement proper digital marketing tactics.

While establishing a web presence, it is also essential to synchronize your promotion through many internet channels, and your store in omnichannel advertising is just a kind of storefront where your business can track your every communication with a potential customer, regardless of the channel they use.

There are a huge number of opportunities for retailers who decide to enhance their business plans with accurate digital marketing strategies. However, to succeed and thrive among competitive retailers, they must consider maximum use of digital marketing tools and communication techniques to maximize their reach. To reap the rewards and move in the right direction, it is always a good option to keep up to date on how to increase in-store sales through digital marketing. The truth for any business today is that your current and future customers use the web, 70% of smartphone users buy from time to time. Most potential customers are on social media. Therefore, with users, it is worth noting that most of these users are on multiple social media channels. Whichever channel you decide to promote, social media provides access to thousands of potential customers for retail businesses. Cost per click, backlinks, influencer marketing and blogging – these are just a few of the digital marketing practices that continue to thrive. To conclude, while these practices have been around for over a decade, in recent years more and more industries have discovered that they deserve a piece of the digital pie.

The author is MD of the Seva group. The opinions expressed are personal.

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