How to Go from Freelancer to Agency Marketing Professional

The freelance life can be ideal for skilled marketers in SEO, web design, or copywriting. The truth is, so many freelancers don’t want to go to the office. Remote work is growing all over the world, which could mean incredible opportunities are opening up in agencies. A number of digital marketing agencies have gone completely remote over the past couple of years. You could see a huge increase in your income based on your skills and past experience. Here are some tips for making the transition from freelancer to agency life.

Update your resume and LinkedIn

Updating your CV and LinkedIn is imperative when looking for a job. You could even ask a recruiter to contact you for a position that matches your profile. Jobs come from all angles in today’s digital age, which is something to keep in mind. If you have accomplishments you’re proud of, list them and don’t be modest. Launch of a new website without losing search engine rankings, improving organic traffic for a business is a great example.

Social media can be very detrimental when looking for a job. You may never have had a traditional job because the lifestyle you were allowed to have was pretty good. Social media profiles can be full of things you’d rather not share with a potential employer. Digital marketers are notorious for finding things online that you’d rather not.

Find a job you know you’ll love

Working in marketing in a particular industry might be something you have considered. To get into top marketing agencies, you might have had to move to New York or San Francisco in the past. Indeed and LinkedIn can make it easier than ever to apply quickly. Don’t be discouraged if you get consistent rejections before or after interviews. Think of interviews as a form of practice when you find a job you know you’re perfect for.

Finding a job when you are already generating income can allow you to choose one you like rather than love. You probably don’t need a job, but you want to get back to agency life or see what it’s all about if it’s your first time. The only aspect you need to keep in mind is that without agency experience, you might actually take a pay cut. There are those who have worked as contractors with agencies that can suffice.

Keep your current gig for a while

You may be working very long hours with your new job and freelance work. Reducing your freelance work is an option, but it should only be done when you are comfortable in your new role. The extra cash is something you’ll be glad you worked hard for. There may come a time when you will have to completely cut back on your self-employment. If you have loyal clients, you may be able to start working with them if you decide working for an agency isn’t your cup of tea.

Get ready for Zoom meetings

Freelancers can hop on a Zoom call with a client every month or just to get things started. Agencies are full of client meetings and internal meetings. If you don’t like virtual meetings, you’re going to have a hard time in an agency. Some agencies prefer to send a detailed email on a topic that others would schedule a meeting on.

Your schedule will be set

You are going to be required to work certain hours with your agency team, even when working remotely. As a freelancer, you probably set your own schedule, which gives you a lot of freedom. Even in a remote work role, you’ll give up the flexibility you have when working freelance.

Agencies can be stressful

Agencies differ wildly, but there are some where it always seems like something is wrong. You could inherit a job from someone who was so far behind it’s hard to believe. The last thing anyone wants is to work for an agency that is a dumpster fire in more ways than one.

The transition from a freelancer to an in-house or remote marketer can be difficult. The benefits could be many as certain skills could be highly valued. Securing a managerial position could lead to a massive salary with quarterly bonuses. Create a list of pros and cons before making a decision, as it might become clear which is the right choice.

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