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This is our website which is a very popular e-commerce site. But the problem is that none of the reviews are of good quality. People just rate the product but don’t want to write anything.
I saw that google updated their algorithm and they care so much about the review now. Could you give me an idea of ​​how to improve the quality of reviews?

Are you wondering if there is a secret hypnosis trick to get people to type words into a review instead of just clicking on a rating and leaving the text field blank?

No there is not.

You can encourage people to fill in the text field, but most people who are encouraged to review something will do the bare minimum required/expected of them. It’s human nature. But you already know human nature, because the first line of your message shows this idea; you think that putting a link in the first words of the post will get clicks to the random product page of your website.

#1; Sitepoint is entirely nofollow, so no juice for you.
#2; This makes your post look like spam, so my rating of your website is already low, even without clicking the link, which I won’t do, because the link isn’t related to your question. You are trying to create links in your text.
#3; at least your urls are blatant enough that I can look at the url without clicking and know it’s a waste of time and a click.

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