Huebner Integrated Marketing Expands Capabilities with New Hires and Appointments

LOVELAND, Colorado–()–Huebner Integrated Marketingtrusted marketing partner of manufacturers, announces three key personnel changes. Abby Fraser was promoted to account manager, and Ashley Colburn McCaughan and Tara Giltner join the team as Creative Content Director and Content Specialist, respectively. These additions intentionally strengthen the agency’s ability to provide strategic and creative services to clients across all industries.

“I’m thrilled to see our agency growing in line with our clients’ needs,” said Ashton Belk, president of Huebner Integrated Marketing. “We have seen an increase in the need for effective storytelling via video marketing for strategic content manufacturing and development across all B2B industries. Each of these women brings a unique perspective and deep experience that enhances what we can. do together as a team.

Abby Fraser assume the role of Account director after a year as Senior Director of Content for the agency. In this role, she will partner with clients to execute their brand positioning and marketing strategy across channels and creative projects. His experience in brand marketing, from education to pharmacy and everywhere in between, will be an invaluable asset.

Ashley Colburn McCaughan joins Huebner as Director of Creative Content. McCaughan is a three-time Emmy Award-winning television producer and host and brings decades of storytelling experience to the role. As Chief Creative Content Officer, McCaughan will lead Huebner’s video production arm as well as influencer marketing and event production. She worked as a trusted partner on many Huebner projects before officially joining the team in October.

Tara Giltner complete new additions like Content Specialist with expertise in strategic and creative content projects. Prior to joining Huebner, Giltner spent more than a decade as a writer, editor, and creative professional with experience in the corporate, government, and startup worlds, writing and managing production for deployments of national brands, international marketing materials and government missions.

These additions to Huebner’s integrated marketing team support the agency’s intentional focus on supporting both the strategic and creative needs of its diverse client base.

About Huebner Integrated Marketing

For more than 30 years, manufacturers of expensive outdoor products have turned to Hubner as a business partner. With expertise in creating brand relevance, Huebner supports brands large and small across all marketing channels, including content marketing, web design and lead management. The core management team in Loveland, Colorado is supported by a production team of over 60 people with expertise in graphic design, content creation, lead generation, and more.

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