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SACRAMENTO, Calif., January 17, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Business Connect magazine has published an exclusive edition focusing on those service providers who are dedicated to the continued growth of their businesses. Incrementors were featured on the cover of Business Connect November 2021 Edition as “2021 Fastest Growing Digital Marketing Agency”.

Business Connect: “A rising name in the digital marketing industry”

Business Connect has a circulation of approximately 90,000 copies in India and overseas countries, and the readership is about 9 lac to 9 million (approximately). They work primarily on connecting senior executives, managers, directors and entrepreneurs, VCs and management students across the world with a mission to have the highest readership figures of senior executives and investors in India.

With the coordination of the editorial team and the team of data analysts, they deepen the theme of each edition and find new names. The names of the organizations are entirely dependent on the research of the editorial team based on their uniqueness in terms of innovation and differentiating factors.

Business Connect’s team of data analysts is made up of highly skilled and motivated individuals. Their team continuously studies business sectors and monitors various industries.

In November – Dec 2021, Business Connect has created this edition of the magazine to shine a light on companies reaching greater heights in the most sophisticated ways where Incrementors have held pride of place as fastest growing digital marketing company.

This edition covers top-to-bottom information on how these companies have implemented innovations and achieved major successes in the digital world.

The organization that tops the list is Incrementors, founded by Shiv Gupta.

Incrementers have grown significantly over the past two years. Incrementers work with many small and medium-sized businesses, primarily from the United States and; Canada to help them generate more traffic, leads and sales. Their main clientele comes from search engine optimization (SEO), PPC, Email Automation and other online marketing services. Their specialization provides personalized and tailor-made solutions according to customer needs.

They work hard to provide customized solutions specific to customer needs.

But it does not stop there. Incrementors has many more services that benefit customers since 2012.

Shiv Gupta says, “Compared to other digital marketing agencies, Incrementers do more than just do SEO and marketing. We partner with clients by providing training, coaching, and videos to grow their business in all aspects.”

Incrementors has worked with many clients in various niches around the world. They carefully observe the feedback from their customers and work accordingly.

They fully understand the value of reviews and see them as a key part of the business in finding customers’ psychographics.

With incrementers, you don’t have to worry about sales and lead generation. They can handle this perfectly and you can trust them completely.

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