Indago Digital gives Macquarie Alumnus advice on digital marketing and boosting ROI

Independent media agency, Indago Digital has offered key tips and tricks for generating digital return on investment post-pandemic, as part of a new professional development initiative with the Macquarie Graduate School of Management Alumni Association (MGSMAA).

Partnering for a breakfast held in early April in Sydney, the agency aimed to give alumni practical advice on improving their digital marketing, sharing five key strategies and implementation plans to improve return on long term investment.

The event included a panel of experts and a Q&A moderated by Karen Ganschow, Head of Data Science at Aware Super, and Lecturer in Marketing and Customer Experience at Macquarie University Business School and the University of Sydney Business School.

The panel included Indago Digital CTO Peter Dimakidis, Performance and Analytics Manager Preet Singh and Performance Manager Luke Ashmore-Delaney, as well as Rebecca Murray, Acting CEO, MGSM Alumni Association, who also acted as an MC.

Key topics included unifying data to realize enterprise-wide gains and create meaningful and lasting change; improve website conversion rates through responsive and results-driven web design, interactive experiences, site architecture and progressive web applications.

The panel also offered information on conversion-focused SEO, increasing digital ad spend, and how to use it for website conversion and modern web development.

“This event was a fantastic opportunity for our alumni to gain key insights into the future of digital,” said Rebecca Murray of MGSM.

“We were impressed with the hands-on nature of the session and how it catered to everyone from digital newbies to digital natives. We are thrilled to have partnered with Indago Digital to deliver this essential marketing professional development. digital.

Gary Nissim of Indago Digital commented, “Digital marketing is a mobile feast, especially post-pandemic, as many companies look to incorporate the rise of e-commerce and online into their long-term strategic plans.

“We were honored to be able to share our insights, along with tips and tricks for maximizing digital over the next 12 months. From website design to digital ad spend and SEO, our session aimed to offer practical advice and concrete that participants could incorporate into their own business to achieve tangible results.

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