India’s Best SEO Company: Renovating the SEO World with Artificial Intelligence

ThatWare brings you the world’s first Indian SEO agency with the power of SEO. With its revolutionary SEO strategies backed by AI-driven algorithms, ThatWare has earned a unique reputation among its contemporaries and set a new benchmark for all SEO agencies aiming to use artificial intelligence to dominate the SEO market. With the ever-increasing importance of digital media on global search engine platforms like Google, Bing, etc., it has become high time for businesses to consider the need to implement the services and assistance of an agency. reputable SEO. And what could be more beneficial to you than having the AI ​​suggest your strategies with a minimum error percentage?

What is SEO?

Before we dig deeper into the world of ThatWare, let’s keep our thoughts on SEO clear. So what exactly is SEO? “Search Engine Optimization” is known as SEO. This is simply to make changes to your website more visible when users search for goods or services associated with your business on Google, Bing, and other search engines. The more visible your pages are in search results, the more likely you are to be noticed and attract new customers to your business.

So how did ThatWare revamp the SEO process with AI?

ThatWare was created by its founder, Mr. Tuhin Banik, with the sole purpose of combining SEO with artificial intelligence, which could be the future of digital marketing. To achieve their unique vision, they started working on defining their algorithms, which would then help monitor and navigate the changes happening in Google’s algorithms. Keeping this in mind, ThatWare launched 83 unique AI-driven SEO algorithms, which would make traditional SEO strategies more efficient and accurate.

This so-called “intelligence guidance” of their AI algorithms guides them in delivering breakthrough results for many of their campaigns including Heavyglare, Incrediwear, Unigo, GradSchools, etc.

How does AI work?

Alright, now that one thing is clear, let’s get to the working process of their AI. Simply put, ThatWare’s AI first scans your competitor’s site, followed by your website, then scans Google’s AI to find the precise and surgical instructions on how to implement the right strategy. SEO on the big 3 of the SEO process – on-site. , backlinks and content! With an impressive retention rate of 95% and close to

How does AI fit into SEO?

1) Text and voice search

Your favorite search engine relies on artificial intelligence to deliver relevant results to your queries. Search engines process queries and then predict which results will convince a particular query using sophisticated AI, machine learning, and deep understanding. As an SEO expert following Google’s algorithm updates knows, search engines don’t reveal all the details of how their AI networks work, but they do provide clues.

2) Keyword research and content optimization

The choice of queries, terms or expressions to optimize is more than enough to win the first half of the war. Equipment powered by artificial intelligence can support. AI is great at identifying patterns in massive datasets that include search volume information.

A component creates new content for search results. However, AI can also help you modify your current content to boost its position in search results for inquiries. This ability is present in each of the tools mentioned above. They will offer advice on improving content for higher rankings for specific terms.

3) Local SEO

It’s not always easy to ensure that your business appears appropriately in searches in many regions. Additionally, inaccurate local search results can completely wipe out a region’s economy. AI is incredibly effective at solving this type of large-scale information-based problem.

4) Topic Groups and Pillar Pages

By creating content on many relevant search terms within a specific categorization, creating pillar pages and topic clusters is a valuable SEO approach that helps marketers control entire topic areas. To facilitate this process, AI is used.

5) User intent

AI-based SEO can help with user intent discovery and analysis. However, website owners can more accurately understand user intent through natural language processing (NLP), semantic engineering, and information retrieval. As more consumers are likely to have a better understanding of the landing page they will be targeting, this will increase search exposure and draw more keywords into visibility.

6) Resist continuous algorithm change

One of the wonderful benefits of AI-based SEO techniques is that website owners can adapt their websites to changes in the SERP algorithm, which happens over 4000 times a year on average. It is practically impossible to manage a website with ever-changing algorithms using the conventional method. So, AI-based SEO can help a website maintain stability and avoid penalties.

7) Analyze user behavior

With AI-based SEO, website owners and business owners can now analyze user behavior and create landing pages that match how users interact with a particular website.

Is AI the future of SEO?

It is indeed. As AI advances, it becomes easier and more accessible for businesses. All SEO tactics should consider including AI due to its ability to analyze billions of data points and achieve hundreds of functions.

For this reason, early adopters of AI for SEO usually reap the biggest rewards. Creating data-driven content that engages your audience and is in line with search engine algorithms is one way to gain an edge over your rivals. Not to mention that you can progress with increasingly demanding strategies, including reoptimizing outdated content.

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