James Gamet’s Inches Make Miles PR and Digital Marketing Agency Dominates the Field


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Posted: Tuesday October 12th, 2021 07:01 PM [IST]

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James Gamet, a digital entrepreneur based in Oregon, runs Inches Make Miles, a fast-growing public relations and marketing department through which he helps others achieve their goals. Johnny Vo pushed him to take a risk in his professional life. “I knew someone who was killing him in digital marketing and showed me that a portable lifestyle was achievable,” he adds.

James Gamets Inches Make Miles Public relations and digital marketing agency in the field

James Gamet’s digital marketing company has all the benefits of some of the services it offers right from the start. Website creation, SEO, Google PPC, YouTube ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, email campaigns, social media management, press release campaigns and media placement are some of the services offered by the agency. “As a full-service digital marketing agency, my role is to provide the strategy and services necessary for my partners / clients to focus on what they do best,” he explains.

James adds, “We also have the potential to help a business on the verge of losing everything regain control of its position and reach new heights of success. During COVID, we were able to help many small business owners like real estate agents do their best. years of production. “

Inches Make Miles is a military / veteran owned and operated system that has been featured in Disrupt Magazine, Thrive Global, and Market Watch, among other publications. He is the winner of the MARSUM award for the 100 best marketing influencers. James Gamet also works at Bang Muay Thai Portland and is a black belt instructor at 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu Portland and CEO and founder of Inches Make Miles.

Regarding his business, James says they combine over $ 100,000 of training and years of experience into a chance to help their clients establish their brands, gain visibility and authority. “After serving in the military and the federal government for many years, I have learned that my true calling is to help others achieve their goals.”

During the pandemic, James Gamet helped several small businesses stay afloat. Digital marketing has a lot of potential, but not everyone is aware of it. During the difficult times, James and his team of specialists helped them achieve their goals. James’ agency “Inches Make Miles”, which currently dominates the market, has benefited from positive word of mouth.

Article first published: Tuesday, October 12, 2021, 7:01 PM [IST]

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