Khodor Ghalayini launches new digital marketing agency focused on empowering businesses in the digital age

Leadgend Marketing is a digital marketing agency offering a host of premium marketing services, dedicated to helping clients embrace digital transformation by leveraging cutting-edge marketing technologies.

The era of digital technologies offers an abundance of benefits for all brands and businesses. With the right marketing strategy, these benefits can be leveraged to propel budding brands into the upper echelons of market leaders. cutting-edge marketing is a new digital marketing agency founded to provide the most comprehensive solutions at very affordable prices to its clients.

Khodor Ghalayini is the Founder and Head of Growth at Leadgend Marketing. As a PMP certified expert in project management and various branches of digital marketing, Khodor wanted to create a platform that his clients can trust and rely on to take their business to the next level.

Leadgend Marketing offers a multitude of advertising, branding and marketing products. Its advertising packages include FB and Google ads; its branded products include Social Media Management, SEO and Google Maps Ranking and Website Design. Working with several national and international brands, the company’s marketing services also encompass complete SMS marketing solutions.

The company spokesperson said the correlation between high ROI and smart, thoughtful business strategies is a prerequisite for success, stating:

“Most entrepreneurs and business owners try to build and grow their business by chance. Based on trial and error, try to determine if the strategy is working. In short, they rely on guesswork. But, it’s unpredictable, unreliable and certainly stressful. Our system is battle tested and built to perfection. It’s not just a game of chance. »

Before a company can fully embrace the many processes of digital transformation and automation, the brand needs external, but above all professional help and advice. That’s where the experts at Leadgend Marketing come in.

The Leadgend Marketing spokesperson continued, divulging the company’s mission and explaining what sets it apart from contemporary digital marketing agencies:

“Our mission is to hold your hand and take you from a struggling business owner, solo entrepreneur or whatever you want to call it, to the ability to turn sand into gold and… ‘crush your competitors,’ the Leadgend Marketing spokesperson said.

In addition to providing advertising, branding and digital marketing servicesLeadgend Marketing offers many free built-in tools on their website, including a Customer LTV Calculator, Customer Revenue Calculator, and ROAS Profitability Calculator.

Leadgend Marketing was officially launched in 2021 in Abu Dhabi, UAE by Khodor Ghalayini. Before the company was founded, the LM team was already working with a multitude of clients, boosting their social media accounts and providing paid advertising services.

Currently, Leadgend Marketing has evolved and is widely regarded as one of the fastest growing digital marketing agencies in the region.

More information about Leadgend Marketing and the agency’s services can be found on the brand’s website official site.

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Call: +971559243006
Address:17th floor, office tower, World Trade Center Mall, 17th floor, office tower, World Trade Center Mall
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Country: United Arab Emirates

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