lDBF 2022: Content marketing will become an extremely powerful tool for brands in the future

Mumbai: The second edition of the Indian Digital Brand Fest (IDBF) 2022, which took place on October 12 at ITC Maratha, Mumbai, hosted an intriguing panel discussion on the theme “Content Marketing for Web 3.0”, which brought minds and thoughts together on how content marketing is going to be the next big thing and how essential consumer understanding is going to become.

The session was chaired by Indiantelevision.com Group Founder, CEO and Editor, Anil NM Wanvari.

Starting the session and putting things into perspective with the topic of Web 2.0, TV9 Network Editor R Sridharan said, “If you look at the innovation that has happened in Web 2.0, it’s far more important than what we have seen long before. Previously it was static. content, then in web 2.0 we saw that it allowed people to interact with content like becoming an editor on Twitter, Facebook. He has become richer in many ways. In this way, web 2.0 has done an incredible job of making content an integral part of marketing for every chief marketing officer (CMO).

“More than advertising, content marketing is important, and for that, Web 2.0 has done a great job. Web 2.0 has been a great learning experience from a content marketing perspective,” he said. -he adds.

However, Madison India VP Kosal Malladi opined, “We did a good job in content marketing, but did we do a good job? I’m not so sure. When content marketing started, we thought the end consumer wanted to know everything, so content marketing started off pretty bad, we’re getting better, it’s a continuous learning process.

“We have to understand that if there is too much content and information bombarded on the consumer, then that is also a problem,” said Alok Bhargava, Vice President Marketing of HDFC ERGO General Insurance.

Talking about the advent of Web 3.0, Sridharan said, “Nobody knows how it will turn out, but some things are very apparent and obvious. Firstly, on the content side, it will become much more immersive, and secondly, it will “It’s about privacy. These things are going to be a game-changer, and brands need to figure out how to know their customers and how to interact with them.”

He repeated, “Content marketing is going to become more important in Web 3.0 because as a brand I need to create communities and platforms where people will come by themselves and share information about themselves. same.”

“It’s about creating the right content in the first place – if you’ve created content that doesn’t engage the consumer and the consumer isn’t enthusiastic about it, then you need to take a closer look at what you created the customer and what would keep them engaged is probably the most important thing,” Sridharan insisted.

Needless to say, content will become extremely powerful if done the right way. He said, “If the customer sees the value in interacting with you, they will come back to you again and again. You won’t have to persuade him.

Bhargava said, “Content creates a good factor for any brand. If your content isn’t good, you’ll have to push it harder towards the consumer.”

According to Malladi, most content marketing is paid. Sridharan was quick to add, “When a piece of content is dishonest to the consumer, it won’t work. They are able to see when the brand is not authentic.

On whether digital will overtake TV in awareness, Malladi said, “If you advertise on digital, it’s not just reach that happens, but your ad is also seen on multiple devices. .”

“Yes, digital will eventually take over with connected TV taking over linear TV viewing habits in India. Content has to be suitable for the medium,” Bhargava said.

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