Legal marketing: 7 ideas to get more customers

There are many legal restrictions that do not allow lawyers to advertise themselves like a marketer or a plumber would.

Lawyers do not have it easy when it comes to advertising their services. Due to the specifics of the profession, there are many restrictions on how lawyers can promote themselves both online and offline.

For example, lawyers cannot say that there are experts in a legal field unless you have been certified by a certification institution.

They also need to be careful how they describe their services – saying the services are the best or the most affordable is a clear violation of the law and could get them in trouble.

So how can you use digital marketing to reach more people who need your legal services without breaking the law?

We explain the possible ways in this article.

1. Use customer testimonials

A online customer testimonial can have a huge effect on people’s choices. When searching for a lawyer online, people often want to read in-depth reviews and check a law firm’s average score.

They often do this by going to a company’s Google My Business account.

If you want to collect more testimonials, you have to remember one thing. Offering compensation for a positive testimonial is illegal, but no one told you that you can’t ask for a review (without offering a reward). So when is the best time to request one?

It’s best to contact a client when they are satisfied with your work. You have just won their case in court and they are delighted? This is when your customers are most likely to provide positive testimonials.

You can collect reviews by writing an email with a request or even automate the collection of reviews with your CRM.

2. Rely on word of mouth

Experienced lawyers often rely on references and Word of mouth. While this shouldn’t necessarily be your primary channel for customer acquisition, referrals can certainly be important.

Choosing a lawyer is not like choosing a restaurant for dinner – it’s a much bigger decision. This is why people often rely on referrals from friends or close circles – this way they reduce the risk of making the wrong decision.

Getting people to recommend your services for free is only possible if you offer them a lot of value. This often means winning their case in court and providing excellent service when assisting with the case.

What does the latter mean? This means being available when your client needs you, answering any questions as they arise, being considerate and kind throughout the process.

When you get a reference of a customer, do not hesitate to thank him, a small sign of gratitude will reinforce his behavior and encourage him to recommend you in the future.

But customers aren’t the only ones who can refer you. They are also other lawyers who can bring you new clients. This is why it is worth working with lawyers who have a different specialization than yours.

3. Build an optimized website

Your website is one way to set yourself apart from other law firms. You can use your website to describe your work process, company values, success stories, and encourage customers to sign up for a discovery call.

However, launching a website will not bring much traffic at first and will require a lot of effort, so it is rational to hire dedicated web developers. Appearing in Google’s homepage results requires thorough optimization of a newly created website. You should follow SEO best practices, such as using multi-page long-tail keywords or LSI keywords.

Long tail keywords are longer than the typical keywords you would choose for your page. For example, instead of a keyword “divorce lawyer”, you can use a long-term keyword “divorce lawyer New York”.

LSI keywords are semantically related to the topic. Here are some examples of such keywords: “a lawyer handling divorce cases”, “divorce lawyer”, “divorce business lawyer”.

4. Set up your account on Google My Business

Creating an account on Google My Business makes it possible to reach customers locally. Imagine that you are looking for intellectual property lawyers in New York. Type in the phrase “human rights lawyers in New York”.

In your Google My Business account, you can share your location and the area where you want your Google profile to appear. You can add images that showcase your business or post frequently asked questions.

Then it is important to optimize listing SEO with citation building and leverage local link building strategies to increase your chances of appearing in the top 3 of the local map pack.

Having a Google My Business account also allows your customer to post public reviews about your business.

5. Share your expertise on a blog

Person doing paperwork at home; image by Free-Photos, via Pixabay, CC0.

Content marketing can be a powerful tool in the hands of an attorney that helps build trust with potential new clients.

You can cover topics that your customers usually search for to get started with your content marketing strategy. The idea here is to provide people with the information they seek online when they have a certain problem that you as a lawyer can solve.

Imagine you are dealing with family law and someone is looking for child custody information. By covering custody topics in depth, you can attract the public who are looking to research the topic and can potentially work with you to have their rights protected in court.

When writing your articles, make sure optimize your blog posts so they rank well on Google. There are various services that can help you incorporate the most important keywords into your content, optimize images, and provide suggestions on article structure.

6. Increase your presence on Facebook

Many businesses can no longer benefit from creating a business page on Facebook and posting content there. Facebook’s algorithms don’t give commercial posts meaningful reach. Guess what – they just want you to pay for ads.

This is why having a consistent social media strategy and posting new posts several times a week may not pay off in the long run. But there is another way to leverage your social media presence: groups.

Look for Facebook groups that bring people together around a specific problem you are solving.

Imagine that you are a divorce lawyer. Look for groups where people discuss divorce issues. Monitor user posts and contribute your expertise. Try to be as helpful as possible and provide value to group members.

This way, you can build trust with the group audience. Therefore, if they decide to hire a lawyer, they will also see you as helping them in the past.

7. Set up a PPC campaign on Google

It takes a long time to position your website so that you appear in the first position in search results on Google. But here’s one thing – you can do it a lot faster if you run a Google Adwords campaign.

By creating high quality ad copy and choosing the right keywords to target, your page will appear as number one on a specific user query within minutes.

All you have to do is set your daily budget, write ads with the right keywords, and choose the keywords you want your ads to appear on. It’s so simple!


Lawyers are limited in their choices for advertising their services. There are many legal restrictions that do not allow lawyers to advertise themselves like a marketer or a plumber would.

But there are still ways available that can bring you a lot of customers. So there you have it, you’ve read some tips on how to launch your successful law firm marketing campaign. It’s time to take action!

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