LSV Communications Launches RapidWrite™ Content Marketing Service

We differentiate a business from its competitors with powerful value propositions to increase revenue.

Affordable e-commerce based content platform

Creating content aligned with TargetMarketFIRST’s point of view is the core marketing strategy. The RapidWrite service applies the strategy at an affordable price of $425 to improve marketing ROI.

—Bruce Goldfaden

HOUSTON, TX, USA, June 7, 2022 / — LSV Communications today announces the launch of content marketing service RapidWrite, an affordable e-commerce platform for press releases and product sheets for $425*. The new service changes the traditional business model of B2B content marketing agencies consisting of a multi-month contract at a higher cost and slower turnaround time.

With this new service, LSV Communications is also launching the TargetMarketFIRST™ point of view that lets the market know immediately why a product, service or technology is important. This information, contained in the value proposition, is the solution to the main business problem or pain point in the market, leading to their greatest effectiveness.

The value proposition is the highest level of the product, service or technology value chain, which differentiates a company from its competitors, unlike the benefits and functionalities which are at the second and third levels. Benefits and Features is an outdated marketing approach that promotes business first instead of TargetMarketFIRST perspective that improves their revenue.

Marketing at the highest level of the value chain also lays the foundation for thought leadership within an industry so that a company can still leapfrog its competitors. In two recent blog posts, LSV Communications outlined the five steps to establishing thought leadership, a vital marketing solution: connect with the target market; connect on an authentic level; strengthen the technical capital of the brand; participate in networking forums; and recognize the need to repeat messages.

“Creating content aligned with the TargetMarketFIRST point of view is the core marketing strategy,” said Bruce Goldfaden, Head of Value Messaging. “The RapidWrite service applies the strategy at an affordable $425 price to improve marketing ROI.”

The RapidWrite content marketing service allows clients to pay for writing quality content for press releases and product briefs on the LSV Communications website instead of requiring a multi-month contract at a higher cost and a slower turnaround time. Delivery of documents takes three days instead of the average two to three weeks for a first draft.

About LSV Communications
LSV Communications, founded in 2016, is a B2B content marketing agency specializing in value proposition messaging applying the agency’s TargetMarketFIRST perspective to differentiate a business from its competitors. The powerful messaging of the 21st century business model increases content engagement and revenue across all channels, including press releases, product sheets, web content, social media, and video production.

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