Mardoche Likoy offers essential strategies for entrepreneurs with his marketing agency, Marketing + Solutions

Mardoche Likoy is new to the world of marketing, but he’s already had a huge impact on dozens of entrepreneurs. Although his marketing agency, Marketing + Solutions, is primarily designed for high-level business marketing, Mardoche Likoy also works with smaller businesses and entrepreneurs who are just getting started. Either way, Mardoche and his UK-based team are now expanding their services to meet the growing needs of brands and online entrepreneurs around the world.

About Marketing + Solutions

Founded in 2019, Marketing + Solutions began by helping entrepreneurs find their place in an increasingly competitive digital marketplace. Many new businesses found themselves competing with giants like Amazon and Alibaba, so they simply didn’t know how to connect with customers without being drowned out by the power of their competitors.

Fortunately, Mardoche was able to offer one-on-one consultations with these business owners to learn more about their goals, fears, interests, and existing strategies. This way, they could personalize their approach to improve their digital marketing campaigns.

A year later, Mardoche was already securing major clients who had much more complex branding and marketing needs. This forced the marketing agency to expand and reevaluate its services.

This all happened during the COVID-19 pandemic, which made it even harder for many entrepreneurs to stay afloat. Fortunately, Mardoche has helped steer his clients in the right direction and capture even more sales during a difficult, scary, and tumultuous time.

Today, Marketing + Solutions offers even more services, expanding its already impressive repertoire. Some of the newer and better services include:

  • Lead generation – Mardoche Likoy has the expertise and experience to help you drive more potential customers straight to your digital doorstep. We make sure that our clients can sleep well at night and don’t worry about where their next clients will come from, we always make sure that you will get as many clients, customers and sales as you can possibly handle for your pipeline always be full.
  • Automating – Mardoche implements various automated programs and processes to ensure that your daily workload does not get bogged down in tedious and unnecessary tasks.
  • Paid Media – Mardoche has launched dozens of highly successful paid media and advertising campaigns across a wide range of platforms. This can help drive even more traffic and growth to your social media profiles or business website.
  • Creative content – Consumers want to feel engaged and Mardoche Likoy knows how to capture their attention. With a team of expert writers, Mardoche creates new content for entrepreneurs to help them sell more of their products or services.
  • SEO – Finally, every business wants to appear at the top of Google search results. With Mardoche’s SEO knowledge, your business website can be optimized to appear higher in search results, get more traffic and increase long-term profits.

Would you like to know more about Mardoche Likoy and Marketing + Solutions? If so, you can contact Mardoche directly by Instagram or visit his marketing agency website to schedule a free consultation today!

Published on March 1, 2022

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