Marie’s podcast is a perfect real-world marketing opportunity for Splatoon 3

Nintendo is currently generating a lot of big headlines in the lead up to the first Illumination Super Mario Bros. trailer for the film which debuts this Thursday. A number of video game franchises have seen great success with anime or hybrid action film adaptations in recent years, including Detective Pikachu and sonic the hedgehogbut this is just one media content track that can advertise a particular series. Splaton 3‘s Rise of the Mammalians lines up an option by suggesting a character run their own in-universe podcast.


As for the first two Splatoon games, Rise of the Mammalians asks players to collect sunken scrolls to provide information about new and returning characters – though Nintendo has moved these collectibles to the world of Alterna rather than hiding them in levels. These scrolls include a brief outline of the lives of Splaton 3Deep Cut, the new idol group from , all the traders around Splatsville, and an exhibition on the whereabouts of idols from previous games. From a marketing perspective, Marie has the most interesting pitch via a long-running podcast titled “Marie After Midnight.”

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The Rise of the Squid Sisters in Splatoon

The Squid Sisters were central characters in 2015 Splatoon on Wii U. They aired the Inkopolis News show which updated players on current multiplayer map rotations and Splatfest themes, but the Octo Valley story mode also revealed they were Agent 1 (Callie ) and Agent 2 (Marie) of the New Squidbeak Splatoon. Working alongside the player character, dubbed Agent 3 by the duo’s grandfather Cap’n Cuttlefish, Callie and Marie helped rescue the Great Zapfish from DJ Octavio and the Octarian army.

Although they perform under the stage name Squid Sisters, Callie and Marie are actually cousins, and after Marie’s victory at Splatoonat the last Splatfest, they decided to try to have a solo career. Splaton 2Octo Canyon’s story begins with Callie’s disappearance, so Marie helps the player – dubbed Agent 4 – rescue her cousin once it’s revealed she’s been mind-controlled by DJ Octavio. By the time Splaton 3 spins around, they came back together as part of the New Squidbeak Splatoon, now working under the original Agent 3 (who became their own NPC during Splaton 2of the Octo extension).

Even when they’re not performing together, Callie and Marie are popular celebrity idols in the Splatoon world. Their performance of “Calamari Inkantation” during the final Wii U title battle is even considered a pivotal moment when the Octolings began to defect from the Octarian army. The integration of Inkling and Octoling cultures only made the duo more popular, with characters like Marina de Splaton 2The idol group Off the Hook expresses deep admiration for the Squid Sisters.

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Callie and Marie aren’t just popular within Splatoon, they’re essentially mascots for a shooter series that otherwise relies on customizable player characters. Generic Inklings serve as fighters in Super Smash Bros Ultimatebut the Squid Sisters also perform as Trophy Assist. Splaton 3‘s Sunken Scrolls reveals that Marie is immersed in a 100-episode podcast at the same time Off the Hook joins a new band called Damp Socks, and chances are “Marie After Midnight” will be just as popular among fans. of real life.

This land is not so far-fetched considering how much Splatoon looked at multimedia storytelling and outreach compared to other Nintendo franchises. For example, the initial breakup of the Squid Sisters was chronicled in a web series called “Squid Sisters Stories” uploaded in weekly installments before Splaton 2the start. Callie and Marie also appeared alongside Off the Hook’s Pearl and Marina as “live” hologram idols at a real-world event. Splatoon concerts in 2019.

Splatoon is currently one of Nintendo’s biggest franchises, and its influence continues to grow – as evidenced by the huge initial sales of Splaton 3 in Japan which overtook games like breath of the wild and Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Chances are a lot of those fans are listening to a podcast ad Splaton 3under the guise of interviews conducted by Marie, even though Nintendo pored over Inkling’s confusing language for each episode. However, a more serious product that leaves SplatoonThe voice actors getting together to talk about in-universe events or some behind-the-scenes details would be a much more exciting prospect.

Splaton 3 is now available on Nintendo Switch.

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