Marketing will now be easier in the times to come, thanks to the three-dimensional advertisements offered by the Meta / Digital Information World

Meta plans to launch three-dimensional (3D) advertisements to give users a good idea of ​​the products they are interested in.

According to ReutersMeta is working with an e-commerce technology agency to make it easier for brands to upload three-dimensional ads to their Instagram and Facebook accounts.

VNTANA is the world’s first 3D Content Management System (CMS) that automatically converts, optimizes and distributes 3D assets on the web. This platform promises high-quality images and allows customers to virtually access the product without having to leave their homes. Some brands use this platform to present their products and make them accessible everywhere. To name a few, The Diesel Brand, Mamiye Brothers, Adidas, Hugo Boss, are currently using this platform to ensure that users can view products better virtually.

This is not the first time that Meta has competed to provide the perfect marketing experience for businesses and their respective customers. Meta has previously worked with augmented reality (AR) companies, named PerfectCorp and Modiface to help beauty and cosmetics brands deliver the best augmented reality and 3D ads to their customers.

According to Chris Barbour (Director of Augmented Reality Partnerships at Meta’s Reality Lab Units), this bold step of Meta will surely open new doors in the future, by taking this step users are able to have a preview of what future devices will be able to do. For example, the release of augmented reality (AR) glasses is now expected to launch within a few years.

It is said that Meta undoubtedly has its future by adding to the structure of the metaverse, it can span a few years, to be recognized. Meanwhile, the fashion and furniture industries are striving to move from a two-dimensional to a three-dimensional representation of their products.

Straight from the shoulder and in my honest opinion, I think this new feature will surely take the whole world to another level. Not only with this feature will people get the benefit of taking a clearer look at the product they are interested in, but it will also lead to future uplift.

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