Mayhem Digital Media Has Made-For-You Appointment Scheduling Machines for Coaches and Course Creators

This company offers digital marketing services to high-priced coaches and course creators who need an expert to build their brand.

Mayhem Digital Media, a San Diego-based digital marketing agency, introduces its made-for-you dating machines for high-ticket coaches and course creators who need to take their brands to new heights. Its founder, Wayne Ledoux, has been providing marketing services to area real estate, solar and home improvement businesses for 12 years. Just before the pandemic, the company also entered the high-priced coaching space. Now the company is focused on providing growing brands around the world with a system designed for you to help them achieve 6-7 figure income.

“With a recession looming, Mayhem Digital Media knows that those who can profit from other people’s withdrawal from the market have a significant competitive advantage, and the vast majority of the money you spend to grow your business should be aimed at attracting ‘watch out. more eyeballs, not the ‘guru’ or the executive guiding the strategy,” Ledoux said.

One of the company’s case studies is a high-priced male relationship coach whose courses help save married men from failing marriages. Among the goals that the client and Mayhem Digital Media had set were to increase their audience and reduce cost of leads, increase their ROAS by 2x as much as possible without increasing their cost of customer acquisition (COA) more than 25%, attract better quality leads and increase the price of his course from $900 to $2,000.

The agency then decided to harness the power of Facebook ads to create a machine to generate leads from its campaign. This prompted the team to target a high caliber audience that reflects their brand value.

After implementing an advertising strategy on Facebook, the company was able to increase its client’s ROAS to 6x. With a figure that more than tripled its objective, the client’s digital campaign was a success. Mayhem Digital Media didn’t stop there. The company also increased the price of its client’s course from $2,000 to $4,800 by repositioning and repackaging the offering. Today, his client’s digital campaign continues to drive people to watch more than 45 minutes of video despite the cost of just $0.09 per ad.

The company’s feedback completely endorsed its approach and effectiveness. Anna Choi, Business Energy Coach, TEDx Speaker and Forbes Author said, “Wayne delivers results for these clients and really cares about getting them. With his diverse background, he has a huge heart to give back to veterans and help them realize what he was able to do. Their marketing agency is family run and it was an honor to have her on our Conscious Business Leader podcast. I can’t wait to see him grow and have a bigger impact.

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About Mayhem Digital Media

Mayhem Digital Media provides quality digital marketing services to high-priced coaches and course creators to help them increase their revenue to 6 figures. Founded by Air Force veteran Wayne Ledoux, the company has been delivering positive marketing results to real estate, solar energy and home improvement businesses nationwide for 12 years. Today, the company also offers marketing services to clients in the area of ​​high-priced coaching.

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