NIT-R Student Digital Marketing Club to Help Aspiring Entrepreneurs – The New Indian Express

By Express press service

ROURKELA: Students at the National Institute of Technology – Rourkela (NIT-R) have created a club that helps aspiring entrepreneurs take the crucial first steps in the digital marketing that in a post-pandemic world has emerged to change gives it.

As part of the Student Activity Center (SAC), named “Matrix – The Marketing Club”, was established to develop the marketing and business skills of students who wish to become entrepreneurs in the future.

Currently, the club has about 25 members divided into five teams who work on content writing, digital marketing research, and web development.

The club’s social media campaigns highlight marketing types and strategies, the importance of logos, brand competitiveness, meme marketing and special occasion advertising, among others. In the future, the club intends to hold workshops and webinars on the subject, a live target challenge and launch AdSense to develop a blogging website in addition to search engine optimization ( SEO).

“In terms of knowledge and technical skills, the students of the institute are second to none, but the success of a business or a start-up requires different skills,” club president Ishu Goyal said. adding that a combination of effective presentation and marketing works effectively. towards connecting a brand with target audiences.

Since the pandemic opened up new vistas in the digital space with brands shifting from conventional marketing methods to online medium, NIT-R students decided to take advantage of it.

“We study digital marketing strategies of reputable companies and other aspects and practicalities of marketing to educate our target audiences through various social media platforms,” Goyal said.

The club has started induction of creative individuals and is looking forward to networking with reputable B schools across India to promote business skills and digital marketing acumen.

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