Opening doors with Door4: Lancashire’s award-winning digital marketing company talks business, artificial intelligence and the future

Case in point: Leon Calverley, who left college with a degree in building surveying but never developed a real passion for the job. Instead, he nurtured a love of web design, jumping at the chance to start a business in this industry in the heady days of 2000.

This case was Door4, a performance marketing agency specializing in revenue optimization. After starting out building websites for local businesses, Door4 went on to land a string of major national and international placements for websites in the private and public sectors, cementing itself as one of the North’s leading digital marketing companies. -West.

“After leaving college, I spent 18 months working at Time Computers before an old contact of mine who had a graphic design business asked me if I wanted to start a web design business,” says Leon , 47 years. “I was using the web for six years at the time and so I said yes – it was the right choice at the right time, I had nothing to lose and it was a great opportunity.

Door4 founder Leon Calverley (left) and MD Sean Dwyer

“That’s how Door4 was born and the rest is history – we now have up to 22 staff and have offices in Burnley and Manchester,” he adds. “We’ve always been in digital marketing, but it looked very different in 2000 when it came to telling businesses why a website was a good idea! The work speaks for itself these days.

Having ridden the Web 2.0 wave in the digital technology industry, Door4 now helps companies exceed their business goals by using data and creative marketing to connect them with target audiences and turn them into customers, maximizing growth with state-of-the-art digital technology platforms. Basically, they help companies do a lot more business.

“Initially, the opportunity to create websites was great for me as my main interests were technology and design, so I loved the job,” says Leon, who is from East Lancashire himself. . “Then, once you’ve gotten into the routine of working for yourself, it’s very difficult to go back to working for someone else.

“Now we’re looking at AI (artificial intelligence) and what a data-driven business will look like for us in five years,” he adds. “Our industry is definitely going to change, which makes it interesting, but I want us to be cutting edge, not cutting edge! There’s no rule to running a business, you just have to make sure you are informed.

The Door4 team

“We’ve come a long way as a company and we’re making sure to learn from the past without dwelling on it. It’s good to look back on milestones, but it’s also about thinking about what’s next,” continues Leon. “The future is about staying true to our values, riding the wave of technology the right way, and moving up the food chain so our service isn’t commoditized.

“We don’t take this lightly: I’ve seen a lot of agencies go out of business in recent years, in part because they just haven’t stayed relevant. Touch wood, we can make sure we’re still relevant for a few years to come.

Door4 employees Sean Dwyer, Conrad Grimshaw and Michael Brennan

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