Ottawa Marketing Firm Stands Up for Ukrainian Refugee Entrepreneurs

Ottawa Marketing Company Danger Co will provide free marketing support to all Ukrainian refugees looking to start over in North America as entrepreneurs, the company announced.

“Danger Co was specifically designed to work with small, medium and start-ups,” said company founder Jordan Danger Stalker. “When we realized that an influx of Ukrainian refugees would show up on this side of the pond, we knew we had to help in some way. We are not politicians, doctors or billionaires, so we decided to offer what we do best: marketing for people with a dream. »

Jordan Danger Stalker, a self-proclaimed “marketing gun,” is the creative director, Fractional CMO, and founder of Danger Co.

In February 2020, Danger Co began offering free marketing support to businesses impacted by COVID-19. During the first six months of the pandemic, the team spent up to 70% of its time doing this pro bono work. Danger Co now maintains a certain number of hours each month for struggling businesses. This new initiative, however, has no timetable.

“I anticipate it will take a few years, and we’re open to that,” she said. “We are not in a hurry.”

Danger Co, founded in 2011, will provide free coaching and marketing planning sessions to all newly arrived Ukrainians looking to start (or reopen) businesses in Canada or the United States. Well, with skills like graphic design and web development.

The first step will be one-on-one counseling and consultation sessions, which Stalker says will be followed by an approach tailored to each company’s needs. “We don’t skimp on sessions,” she said. From there, Stalker said she is ready to support clients whether they want a simple consultation or help setting up their business from scratch, while building a supportive business network across the city. .

“It could also be a really cool way for Ottawa to fill those empty storefronts with new energy and new businesses,” Stalker said. “If we can help people move their lives to North America and control their destiny rather than working in an underqualified role, I’ll be happy.”

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